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What Bat Does Mike Trout Use?

mike trout wood bat

When it comes to baseball, few names resonate as profoundly as Mike Trout. The well-decorated superstar outfielder is celebrated for his extraordinary talent, but it's not just his remarkable skills that have captured the imagination of baseball fans worldwide. There's a lingering question that never fails to intrigue fans: What bat does Mike Trout use? In the world of baseball, where every piece of equipment can make a monumental difference, understanding a player's choice of wood bat is akin to unlocking a secret to their success. Let’s take a quick look at Mike Trout’s baseball bat of choice and break down some of the most intriguing questions surrounding his bat of choice.

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Mike Trout’s Bat of Choice

Mike Trout's bat of choice is the Old Hickory MT27 wood baseball bat. Built with Mike Trout’s preferred (and personalized) MT27 turn model, the bat features a long, thick barrel, a thin handle, and a slightly flared knob. Given his raw power and natural strength, Trout’s bat offers a fully end-loaded swing weight to maximize the power potential of every swing. 

Hitters interested in swinging the same wood baseball bat used by Mike Trout should shop at JustBats. We offer the Old Hickory MT27 in a full selection of sizes ranging from 32” to 34”. Plus, every wood bat purchased from JustBats is eligible for personalized laser engraving. Give it a shot today and see if your swing has what it takes to swing the same bat as Mike Trout.

Old Hickory Bat Co. Mike Trout Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MT27M Adult


What Size Bat Does Mike Trout Use? 

Mike Trout swings a 33.5” / 32.5 oz Old Hickory wood bat. This bat is a drop 1 – meaning the difference between the length (in inches) and weight (in ounces) is only one. The standard wood bat drop is a drop 3. However, Mike Trout is one of the strongest baseball players on the planet so he opts to swing a heavier bat to maximize his power potential.

NOTE: We do not recommend any high school or college baseball player stray from the standard drop 3 bat sizing as it will decrease both your bat speed and barrel control. 

What Type Of Wood Does Mike Trout Use? 

Mike Trout’s bat features a Rock Maple, professional-grade wood from Old Hickory Bat Co. Maple is the hardest of the three types of woods used to make baseball bats. It offers exceptional durability and increases power at the expense of comfort on contact. We recommend that beginner wood bat hitters swing either ash or birch to gain comfort and confidence before making the switch to a maple wood bat.

Interested in learning more about wood bats? Check out our Wood Bat Buying Guide today to learn everything you need to know about wood bats before you make your next purchase.

In the world of baseball, a player's choice of bat is more than just a tool; it's a reflection of their skill, dedication, and adaptability. Mike Trout's unwavering preference for Old Hickory wood bats, the technical precision of his bats, and their influence on young athletes all emphasize the pivotal role of equipment in the game. Understanding what bat Mike Trout uses is not merely trivia; it's an insight into the artistry of baseball.


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