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Breaking Down the Meta Fastpitch Bat

Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

There isn’t a more talked about softball bat in all of fastpitch than Louisville Slugger’s Meta. Sporting one of the hottest two-piece composite designs, the Meta has already solidified itself as one of the best softball bats for the upcoming fastpitch season. But, we aren’t satisfied stopping there, we’re going to provide you with a full bat breakdown of the Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Softball Bat. 

By the end of this article, you’ll know what type of player should swing the Meta, what to expect straight from the wrapper, and all of the Meta’s most notable features. We’ll even provide verified bat reviews of the Meta fastpitch bat to give a first-hand perspective from the players already swinging it.

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Bat Construction

The Meta is Louisville Slugger’s first release in the Meta lineup for fastpitch. However, for the past three years, the Meta has been the most popular baseball bat on the diamond. Toting a massive barrel and (yet still) a balanced swing weight, the Meta has made a living tantalizing baseball pitchers across the country. Now that Slugger has turned their sights on the game of fastpitch, we anticipate much of the same. Sorry pitchers…

Louisville Slugger’s Meta sports the same two-piece, all-composite design which has become popularized around the game of softball. The Mash Composite Barrel is a new feature among Slugger softball bats and showcases gapped wall technology for a consistent swing no matter where you hit the ball. Moving around the bat, you’ll notice a VTX Connection piece designed to eliminate vibrations and a brand-new end cap to provide a balanced swing weight throughout. 

This blend of high performance, reliable consistency, and balanced swing weight make the Louisville Slugger Meta’s release one of softball’s most exciting bats in recent memory. 

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Softball Bat

Who Should Swing the Meta?

Obviously, there is a bunch of buzz surrounding this new bat. After tormenting baseballs for the past few years we are finally going to see what it can do on the softball diamond. The balanced swing weight of the new Meta makes it an appetizing option for any contact or power hitter looking for a softball bat with pop

Two things to consider before you decide to buy the new Meta. Is your player old enough to handle it? Given that the Meta appears to only be available in drop 10, drop 9, and drop 8 models, any younger player will need to wait a few years before they try their hand at one of the game’s hottest bats. The other question you’ll want to ask is whether or not your player is serious enough about softball to justify the price tag. At $449.95 brand new, the Meta is one of the most expensive bats to ever hit the softball market. If your player is looking to casually play, we would suggest shopping for more affordable fastpitch softball bats.

Meta Fastpitch Bat Reviews

To help provide better insight into the early performance of the Meta, we have compiled a few of the fastpitch bat reviews that have already been left on our website. To deliver unbiased feedback, we have included both the pros and cons left by our customers. 

(Parent Review)

Pros: My daughter absolutely loves this bat. The barrel is filled with POP and my daughter loves the graphics. Highly recommend it to any softball player!

 Cons: Not a con, but we added a Lizard Skin bat grip when it arrived. 

(Player Review)

Pros: This bat feels pretty good, not quite as soft as any of the numerous Ghost bats that we've used for years, however still really good vs normal bats. The sound is definitely different than a ghost, much more like an LXT, however not the same. The barrel seems a little smaller when I line up the rubber joints between the Ghost Advance, but not enough to make a difference. 

Cons: I think this design and look is ugly, but I'm also sick of Ghost bats breaking after a month or two so that's why I'm trying it. 

If you have swung the Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch, we would love your feedback. Please visit JustBats to leave your candid review at your earliest convenience. Every review builds our community and allows other players to shop smarter. Thank you!

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When does the Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch release?

The Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch was released on July 20th. The drop 10, drop 9, and drop 8 versions of the Slugger Meta are all currently available for purchase from JustBats.

Where can I shop for the Meta Fastpitch?

At JustBats. Order the Meta today at JustBats and receive free, fast shipping and returns on every order. JustBats also provides full personalization options at checkout and a team of Bat Experts to assist you throughout the process. And if you are just wanting to try the new Meta without having to commit for a full season, add Bat Assurance to start 30-days of risk-free swinging!


***We will continue to update this page as more information is released about the most anticipated softball bat release in 2022.

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