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Lizard Skins Bat Grips Review | How To Apply & More

Lizard Skins Bat Grips

It's a hot summer day and sweat is rolling down your arms onto your hands. The pitcher gets the sign and delivers you a fastball right in your sweet spot and your eyes light up. You get ready to take a big swing, but it is too late, the sweat has reached your hands through your batting gloves and before you know it you whiff and your bat goes flying. How can you prevent this scenario from happening again?

Lizard Skins batting grips have been a popular choice among players at all levels for helping to minimize the exact situation above. Here is an inside look at all you need to know about Lizard Skins bat grips from They are sleek, comfortable, and just plain cool. We are proud to now be able to sell this exciting bat add-on with every order. Lizard Skins incorporate the perfect balance of all-around grip and overall cushion for comfort. They also serve as a perfect differentiator from other bats on your team. And if you really want to stand out, sync the color of your Lizard Skin with a custom bat knob from JustBats to create a truly unique bat each time you step up to the plate.

Wanna skip the hassle of applying the bat grip on your own? Let the Bat Experts here at JustBats take care of that for you. Simply select to have your brand-new Lizard Skins bat grip installed prior to shipping. It adds no additional time to the shipping period and is guaranteed for the first 45 days from purchase. Also, please select the handedness of the hitter that will be using the bat. This will allow the slope of the grip to align correctly to ensure a longer-lasting finished product. Try it out today!

How To Wrap A Lizard Skins Bat Grip

If you'd prefer to install it yourself, watch and learn as Bat Expert Logan walks you through how to apply a Lizard Skins to your baseball bat or softball bat

To recap, simply follow these five steps to get started:

  1. Remove the manufacturer's grip
  2. Clean any excess glue off that was left behind 
  3. Remove the paper backing from your Lizard Skins and start with the unifished edge against the knob
  4. Slowly start to wrap and ensure you're overlapping as you go around with consistency
  5. Secure your grip with the finishing tape

Important Lizard Skin Features

  • Applicable for all alloy, composite, and wood bats
  • 1.1mm thickness
  • Official grip supplier of MLB
  • Great for use in all types of weather
  • Options available in 10+ different colorways/designs

Pine tar is perfect for gripping a bat but the mess associated with it makes it far less desirable. As a result, we are seeing the landscape of baseball, at every level, turn to perforated bats grips. Lizard Skins are currently at the forefront of the bat grip market because of their product-quality and vibrant color schemes. Also, Lizard Skin has partnered up with manufacturers like Louisville Slugger to provide each bat grip for specific models such as the Select and the Prime.

The Utah-based Lizard Skins company was initially known for making competitive biking handlebar grips. Along with being durable and lasting through any weather, their grips provide tackiness and comfort for each player. But, in 2012, Lizard Skins broke into the baseball and softball market. The company was confident that the transition would be a smooth one because the bike and baseball grips were very similar and had the same goal in mind: create a durable and comfortable grip for athletes. The momentum has continued to build as they have become a symbol of social status amongst younger players. 

Lizard Skins Bat Grip

Lizard Skins Bat Grip Review

It is always fascinating to watch such a young product transform a game as old as baseball. Yet here we are. The comfort is great for diverting sting on poor contact. The durability is terrific and lasts longer than most pre-applied manufacturer’s tape. And the aesthetic is unmatched by any other bat grip company to date. A variety of over 200 colors and designs are produced by Lizard Skins, and the most popular options are now available through, directly!

Lizard Skins

And don't forget that our team of expert Bat Experts are also ready to answer any other baseball bat or softball bat related questions. Please feel free to contact us by phone ( 1-866-321-2287), email ( , or Live Chat!


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