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02/23/2012 Buyer's Guide: Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats Buyer's Guide: Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats

How long of a bat do you need? How heavy should it be? The key to finding a good bat is getting the perfect size and weight that fits you. is here to help so lets find a big barrel that is perfect for you. Youth bats can either be wood or metal. Most players prefer using a metal bat because they tend to be lighter and are easier to control. Youth Big Barrel bats also call called Senior League bats can be used by any age player as long as their league allows them, but are typically used by players age 10 to 14. These bats can have a 2-5/8 inch barrel diameter or a 2-3/4 inch barrel diameter. 2-3/4 inch barrels are commonly called monster barrels as they have the largest barrel available. Big barrel bats range from 27 to 32 inches in length and have between a -7 to -10 length to weight ratio or drop as it is commonly called. It is important to get a bat that fits you so you can have complete control and maximum performance in every swing. If the bat is too heavy you will lose control and you will more than likely be hitting a lot of foul balls because you are not squarely making contact. If the bat is too light you won't get the maximum amount of power out of your swing.

Check out this chart to help you select a bat that will fit your needs. It gives you a ballpark estimate of what size is right for you according to your height and weight. This chart is also available on our website Some of the most common big barrel youth leagues are majors, Senior Babe Ruth and American Legion Baseball. Remember it is always a good idea to check your league's rules and regulations as some leagues require a safety certification stamp or will not allow a certain barrel size. Make sure you are aware of any particular specs your league might require, but most importantly go out there and take some cuts and see what size bat really feels most comfortable to you. Experimentation is the best way to really get a feel for what the perfect size bat is.

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