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JustBats.com Buyer's Guide: Wood Baseball Bats

JustBats.com Buyer's Guide: Wood Baseball Bats


Wood bats can be used as training bats and are a great option for players to continually improve their swing. If you don't make solid contact with the ball, the bat could break. Solid contact is when you hit the ball squarely on the barrel. Using a wood bat helps teach you where you need to hit the ball on the bat for solid contact. Remember if you miss hit you will feel the sting and the bat could potentially break. The main cuts for a wood bat usually consist of the 271, M110, or 243 models. The 271 has a slightly larger knob to accommodate the 1-1/4 inch flared handle. The top hand of the handle is 15 to 16 of an inch in thickness, then slowly goes into a long taper that keeps getting larger in diameter all the way to end of the barrel. Reaching 2-1/2 inches at the sweet spot. The 271 is typically used for players looking to increase bat speed and for those who hit for average. The M110 has a standard size knob, but can look small because of the thicker handle. The thick handle brings more weight in towards your body while the full 1 inch diameter adds strength to the weakest part of any wood bat, the neck. This is a great wood bat for players transitioning to wood. The 243 has a standard knob with a generally thin handle and slight flare in the bottom hand. It has a thin handle and a large barrel. The neck rises sharply on to the large and long barrel creating a good hitting surface to work with. The 243 is generally considered a power hitter's bat as most of the weight is out on the end making it end loaded. Now what kind of bat do you want? Wood bats are made up of ash, maple, bamboo, or composite wood. Ash and maple are the most popular because of the price. Maple is generally stronger than ash while bamboo serves as the strongest and it tends to last a little longer. Ash is a little softer wood which allows more flex during the swing and greater whip through the hitting zone for better bat control. Maple is harder and denser. Many power hitters like maple because of its hardness and limited flex. The limited flex allows players to exert the maximum amount of force on to the ball as possible. Bamboo tends to have a lighter feel. They are a great option for a lighter and stronger bat. Many players like bamboo because the durability of the bat. Be sure to check with your local leagues to make sure bamboo bats are legal. Composite wood bats are a mixture of wood and composite materials. They are very durable, but like bamboo you want to make sure to check with your local leagues to be sure that they are legal for play. Check out JustBats.com where you get free shipping everyday and remember from CLICK to HIT!

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