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Best Fastpitch Bats of All Time

We recently had a blast coming up with our list of the best baseball bats of all time. But the party isn’t over yet. Today, we’re talking about the best fastpitch bats of all time. These are the bats that pitchers feared and hitters had to swing. The softball bats that changed the future of bat design and altered the way we look at the game. 

You may already have a few guesses as to the hottest fastpitch softball bats to ever hit the open market. But hopefully, we’ll find a way to surprise you with a pick or two that you may have forgotten. In no particular order, here is our official list of the hottest, most-desired fastpitch softball bats to ever take the field.

The 5 Hottest Fastpitch Bats of All Time

Louisville Slugger XENO

When the XENO was first released, everyone took notice. Fastpitch softball bats had never been built like the XENO. It was a hot, composite softball bat blessed with a barrel that covered the entire plate. But what made players and coaches really take notice was the noise it made on contact. Fastpitch softball bats had never before sounded like the XENO. Other manufacturers noticed and began to design their top-level softball bats to replicate the first must-have softball bat from Louisville Slugger.

DeMarini CF8

Whether you swung the CF8 or the CF8 Insane, you’ve likely never swung a better fastpitch bat since. It would arrive hot. It would get hotter. And then it would fully break in and become one of the hottest fastpitch bats in history. There weren’t a ton of bells and whistles; the DeMarini CF8 simply crushed softballs. If you are fortunate enough to still have one of these bats, guard it with your life because fastpitch players are still trying to get their hands on the CF8s.

Easton Ghost Double Barrel

When the Ghost Double Barrel launched back in 2017, it shook the entire softball community. Although there were a few bumps along the way, Easton struck gold in their attempt to reinvent the fastpitch bat. The two-barrel design delivered levels of pop that created a decisive advantage for every hitter swinging the Ghost. While Easton continues to produce new Ghost Double Barrel models (to rave reviews), this is a shout-out to the game-changing original Ghost.

Louisville Slugger LXT

The LXT has been one of the most popular softball bats of the past decade. Following in the XENO’s footsteps, the LXT introduced a three-piece design to eliminate vibrations and provide more flex on contact. Hitters, specifically contact hitters, flocked to the new model as 5-star bat reviews began to flood our website. Fast forward a few years, and the Louisville Slugger LXT is still one of the most popular bats in all of fastpitch softball. And while there may not be one specific model that stands out above the rest, the longevity itself makes the LXT worthy of a spot on our list.

Anderson RockeTech

Did you see this one coming? Anderson made a name for themselves with the release of the RockeTech. Players raved about the performance and parents did everything they could to get their hands on one. We even heard tales of softballs being hit out of baseball parks with the RockeTech. If you’ve ever tried it, you know that’s some serious POP. If you were sleeping on the old RockeTechs before, it’s time to wake up!

That’s our list of the best fastpitch bats of all time. Did we leave any of your favorites off? Hit us up on social media to start the discussion. And if you are looking to buy a new fastpitch softball bat, just head on over to JustBats. We’re with you from Click to Hit!

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