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Best Baseball Bats of All Time

This has to be one of the most exciting articles we have ever published. We are talking about the best baseball bats of all time. The hottest bats this game has ever seen. The baseball bats that are still coveted ten, twenty, even thirty years later!

We have written more best bat blogs than we can count, but we still need one that will stand the test of time. Last year we published our Top Ten Bats of The 2010s, but today we’re taking a look at the most ridiculous, bomb-dropping baseball bats to ever do it. So enough with the chit-chat; let’s get after it.

The 7 Hottest Baseball Bats of All Time

(In no particular order)

Easton Redline Sc500

They don’t make bats like the Easton Redline anymore. We’re talking about a baseball bat that has continued to stand the test of time. The Redline Sc500s have actually increased their value over the years. Multiple online searches show that these bats have sold for over $1000. While you may not totally agree with the selection, you cannot argue with that kind of demand. 

Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha

Sheesh! The TPX Omaha brought the heat. With over 100 bat reviews posted on JustBats, the Omaha received 5-stars across the board. It was a one-piece alloy bat that provided exceptional power on every swing. We even received a couple videos of this bat hitting baseballs over a hundred feet beyond the outfield fences. When you are looking for an all-time great bat, video proof like that is an excellent place to start!

Combat B1

It was that bat that put Combat on the map. This big-barreled youth baseball bat dropped some ridiculous bombs. It was built with intentionally thinner barrel walls that got hotter over time. If you could successfully navigate around the durability issues, you were holding straight fire in your hands every time you stepped into the box. While they also produced a drop-12 version, the drop-10 Combat B1 was the one turning heads in ballparks across the country. 

Easton Stealth

In a post we released back in 2017, we deemed the 2009 orange and blue Easton Stealth to be the best bat ever made. While the discussion is still widely unresolved, there is little pushback towards the Stealth being one of the all-time baseball bats. Many believe this to be the bat that forced high school and college baseball to change from BESR to BBCOR bat certifications. We’re talking about a single bat changing the rules of the game. If that’s not a legendary, all-time baseball bat, then we don’t know what is...

DeMarini CF Zen (2017)

The DeMarini USSSA CF Zen baseball bats have dominated the sport for the past decade-plus. Every year, young hitters flock to DeMarini’s top composite bats to gain their advantage. However, one year particularly stands out in our minds. In 2017, DeMarini toed the regulations line a little too closely as they released arguably the hottest youth bat in history. By early April, USSSA had banned the CF Zen from their leagues after declaring it too hot for their standards. If you were lucky enough to both buy one and hold onto it, you might just happen to have the hottest batting practice bat in the world.

Marucci Cat 5

The OG Marucci Cat was a smoke show. Marucci had unlocked the ability to maximize the sweet spot of a one-piece aluminum alloy bat during an era where every player wanted to swing composite. As a result, many of their competitors noticed and began hatching plans to create their own version of the Cat 5. However, nobody was quite able to ever perfect it in the way that Marucci did. Multiple successful Cat releases later, and players are still buzzing about the pop that the Cat 5 possessed. 

DeMarini Voodoo Black

During the final run of the BESR era, the DeMarini Voodoo Black left its mark on the game and many baseballs. The legend of this bat continues to grow as we are over a decade removed from its release. It packed a powerful alloy punch and would casually hit balls over 400 feet. You simply cannot have the hottest bats of all time discussion without including the DeMarini Voodoo Black.

BONUS - Miken Ultra ll

When it comes to the hottest slow pitch softball bats, you have to talk about the Miken Ultra ll. Built for senior slow pitch (aka the hottest bats in softball,) the Miken Ultra ll was/is absolutely electrifying. The one-piece composite design generates powerful stiffness on contact while getting hotter and hotter with every swing. Players have raved about the Miken Ultra ll for years, and you can still shop for it at JustBats.

That’s our list of the best baseball bats of all time. Did we leave any of your favorites off? Hit us up on social media to start the discussion. And if you are looking to buy a new, hot baseball bat, head over to JustBats today. We’re with you from Click to Hit!

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