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5+ Best Exclusive Bats For 2024

best exclusive bats

It’s time to step up to the plate and stand out on the diamond. These are the kind of baseball bats and softball bats that turn heads every time you show up to the field. Smoke a ball off the wall with an exclusive bat and players and parents alike will start taking notice every time you step into the box. So let’s take a look at the top game-changing bats, exclusively to JustBats, for the 2024 season. 


Best Exclusive Bats 

Marucci CAT9 Baseball Bats


There may not be a more complete bat lineup in history than the Marucci CAT series. Built from durable aluminum alloy materials, the Marucci CATs are stronger than the competition. Each version of the CAT adds new technology to advance the lineup further into the future.

As we look at these bats from a player perspective, it’s a one-piece aluminum alloy bat available in both USSSA and BBCOR versions. Any style of hitter can take advantage of the balanced swing weight, which makes it one of the easiest bat gifts to give. And while there are other CAT9 models available on the market, this exclusive CAT9 boasts one of the coolest colorways in baseball. The silver, gold, and black design can only be found at JustBats.

Combat B2


Among 2022 baseball bats, there may not be a cleaner bat than the Combat B2. Built from a proprietary one-piece composite design, the B2 provides a comfortable, yet stiff feel on every swing. It would appear as though both players and coaches have taken notice of the B2 as more and more customers provide us with their honest reviews. Here are two of the bat reviews we’ve already received regarding the Combat B2:

Fire Stick

Pros: Balanced, big sweet spot, hot out the wrapper. This bat is as hot as any of the top bats out. Son now prefers it over his [other bats].

Cons: Nothing we can complain about.

Great Bat

Pros: Quick break in, big sweet spot, lightweight/balanced, and a nice colorway!

Cons: Nothing so far.

The Combat B2 Ultra is only available at JustBats. It offers a balanced swing weight, a massive barrel, and the smoothest feeling in baseball. It comes in both USSSA and BBCOR versions allowing most players to use it in games. And for those of you still looking to pick up a holiday gift for a baseball player, this is your bat.

Rude American MOAB


Unleash the Mother of All Bats. With a vast array of USA, USSSA, and BBCOR bats, every type of hitter can take advantage of a Rude American bat. Each model is specifically designed to increase exit velocities for all ages and sizes of hitters. And with eye-catching graphics on every barrel, it’s easy to see why so many players are choosing them.

Notable Features:

  • Power Engineered Technology
  • Various Construction Styles
  • Rugged Durability
  • Quick Through the Zone
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • Higher Exit Velocities
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Warranty

These power-engineered bats are now only available at JustBats. If you are interested in trying one of these out, simply add one to your cart with Bat Assurance to begin your 30-day tryout today.

Miken Vicious

Miken Baseball Bat

Finding the right slow pitch softball bat can be a challenge. Finding the right slow pitch softball bat to get Dad for Christmas? Nearly impossible. However, we have one bat from Miken that can greatly increase the odds that your gift is a hit. The Miken Vicious is a hot slow pitch softball bat with both the USA & USSSA stamps of approval. This means that it will be allowed for use in nearly ever slow pitch softball league globally. Furthermore, it’s loaded with power and built to deliver straight from the wrapping (paper.) If you’re looking for a little more insight, please enjoy these bat reviews we recently received from players:

Vicious Review 

Pros: 1. Excellent weight balance 2. Unbelievable graphics 3. Pop right out of the box 4. Outstanding value 5. Arrived ahead of schedule 

Cons: 1. Handle a little too narrow, added extra wrap of tape [and] now [it is] perfect 2. Had to get used to end load

Great Bat

Pros: I love this bat it has about 40 swings on it. Just in one night it has 10 home run on a 275 ft. Get bat for the cold weather. 

Cons: Nothing so far

Brett Bros Maple Master

Bat Bros Baseball Bat

You simply can’t go wrong with the Brett Bros Maple Master 110 Wood Baseball Bat. The 110 turn model creates a more balanced feeling swing, perfect for young players transitioning into wood bats. The fiberglass-reinforced handle increases the bat’s overall durability, enabling hitters to maximize the bat’s lifespan and saving parents more money.

Hitters can’t stop raving about the Maple Master. When this article was published, we had received 69 bat reviews with an average rating of 5-stars. A common talking point is that the POP is phenomenal and has unmatched durability. If you’ve got a minute and you’re shopping for the best wood bat in baseball, take a moment to read through the reviews. You’re going to be impressed.

Oh, and did we mention it’s under $100!?

How can I save more money shopping for baseball and softball bats?

JustBats offers a myriad of options to save money when shopping for bats. Apart from our free shipping on every order, we offer programs like Bundle & Save, Loyalty Rewards, and a brand-new Pick Your Pack Program that takes the guesswork out of saving. With Pick Your Pack, you can choose multiple bats from the biggest brands in the game, all at one easy price. It’s just another way that we’re with you from Click to Hit!

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