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All About Easton Ghost Bats

All About Easton Ghost Bats

When Easton introduced its Ghost series in Fall 2017 the results were, umm, scary-good.

So far, 15 bat models have been introduced in the Ghost series -- Easton's MAKO successor. They include the most reviewed (USA Baseball), the highest-scoring (BBCOR), and the most anticipated (Fastpitch) 2018 bats in specific categories. Given the popularity, reviews key features and what players are saying about the Easton Ghost bats.

Have you heard someone talking about a supernaturally performing bat? Since the Ghost series spans different bat categories, we wanted to ensure you knew exactly which Easton Ghost people were talking about. Exclusive Bat Coach

Easton Ghost USA Baseball Bats

Ghost X Hyperlite (-11)Ghost X (-10) | Ghost X (-8) | Ghost X (-5)

The latest composite design in a long line of legendary Easton baseball bats. These USABat approved bats are technical, powerful, and beautiful. All four bats deliver a supernatural feel and speed unlike any other. Other key features of these Easton Ghost USA Baseball bats include:

Ghost USA

  • 2 5/8" barrel diameter.
  • Fully composite baseball bat.
  • New Dynamic feel system delivers best-in-class feel and performance.
  • New Engineering X Advanced carbon technology uses EXACT composite for better vibration reduction.
  • Read customer reviews about Ghost USA Bat bats.
Easton Ghost USSSA Baseball Bats

Ghost X Hyperlite (-12) Senior League | Ghost X (-10) Senior League 2 5/8 | Ghost X (-10) Senior League 2 3/4

Ghost X (-8) Senior League | Ghost X (-5) Senior League | Ghost X Hyperlite (-12) Junior Big Barrel

The lone 2 5/8" barrel diameter Easton Ghost X bat (SL18GX108) differs from the other five USSSA approved baseball bats with its colorway and barrel diameter. These bats range in weight from 14 oz to 27 oz, and don't have quite the same fanfare as their USABat counterparts. Other key features of these Easton Ghost USSSA Baseball bats include:


Easton Ghost BBCOR Bat

Boo! The huge barrel on the Ghost BBCOR model, also known as the X-tended barrel design, gives this bat the longest composite barrel in baseball. The EXACT carbon composite material is the result of the engineering X advanced carbon technology that provides insane vibration reduction while optimizing the sweet spot for a massive hitting surface. Other key features of the Easton Ghost BBCOR bat include:


  • 2 5/8" inch barrel diameter.
  • Two-piece, fully composite bat.
  • Legal for play in Intermediate (50-70) and Junior League divisions of Little League.
  • Re-designed CONNEXION+ technology enhances durability and is the standard of excellence for two-piece bats.
  • Read all customer reviews for the Ghost BBCOR bat.
Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bats

Ghost Double Barrel (-11) | Ghost Double Barrel (-10) | Ghost Double Barrel (-9)

ASA approved, these Fastpitch bats are the latest in a long line of legendary Easton softball bats. With a revolutionary double barrel design, the Ghost combines an inner barrel with the lowest legal compression and a softer, outer barrel for a hot out of the wrapper performance. Based on customer feedback, there is no better ASA bat for feel, sound, and performance (aka, pop)! Other key features of the Easton Ghost Fastpitch bats include:


Easton Ghost Slow Pitch Bat

"The Rolls Royce of balanced bats." Customers are big on Easton's Ghost Slow Pitch bat. The bat utilizes an insanely durable Xtra Tough Resin Matrix (XTX) during construction to guarantee an incredible sound off the barrel with season-after-season performance. Other key features of the Easton Ghost Slow Pitch bat include:

Ghost Slow Pitch

If these 15 Easton bats don't have the opposition scared, Mizuno also has their Ghost renditions. Check out the 2018 Mizuno Ghost (-10) Fastpitch softball bat or 2018 Mizuno Ghost BBCOR baseball bat.

New 2018 Easton USSSA Baseball Bats

What do you think of Easton's new bat series? Let us know in the comments. If you have any additional questions about baseball bats or softball bats, give our Bat Experts a call at (866) 321-2287, shoot them an email at, or click here to live chat! Remember, we're here for you from click to hit! 

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