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5 Of The Best Times To Gift A Baseball Bat Or Softball Bat

5 Of The Best Times To Gift A Baseball Bat Or Softball Bat


Giving is always far better than to receive, right? It makes you feel all warm and cuddly on the inside with the thought of making someone else's day. Now, imagine you're gifting something tangible, something that will better the gift receiver, and something that they'll remember forever. Yes, we're biased. Baseball bats and softball bats make the best gifts. Really, they do. But, when are the best times to gift bats? Thanks to years of experiences, JustBats has compiled a list.

From surprising your little All-Star to congratulating your esteemed colleague, JustBats believes that these are the top 5 best times to give away a baseball bat or softball bat

 5.) Career Accomplishments

This applies to both sporting careers and professional careers. Whether your player just won a championship or joined the 1,000 Hit Club , a new bat is always a great choice to show recognition. It represents not only how proud of him or her you are, but of how hard they have worked to get to where they are in their baseball or softball career. The hours that they have dedicated to practice and games are appreciated by the giving of a brand new bat, whether it be a new wood baseball bat or a DeMarini custom bat.  As far as professional milestones go, a personalized bat is always a homerun. As a matter of fact, JustBats awards their employees an engraved Easton baseball bat once they have reached their three year anniversary.  

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 4.) Fundraiser or Charitable Event

Silent auctions, alumni tournaments, and skills clinics are all fantastic ways to fundraise for your travel ball team. What better prize is there for travel ball parents than a brand spanking new bat? From tee ball bats all the way up to BBCOR baseball bats, no one can resist bidding on a new bat. Especially when it benefits a charity or helps raise funds for the team you all love so much.

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 3.) College Signing or Graduation

Your son or daughter has just finished their senior season and emotions are running high. They are on the verge of deciding where they want to continue their academic and athletic career in college and want to host a signing party for all of their close friends, coaches, and immediate family. A hat of the school they decide is pragmatic, but is that what you're going for? Once they have officially announced where they plan to start the next chapter in their lives, present them with a new baseball bat or softball bat in their new school's team colors. They will think of that moment during every at bat of their freshman season.  

If your player decides to skip on the signing party, have the bat ready for them as they walk across the stage with that diploma in hand. Again, priceless!

 2.) Birthdays

What better way to celebrate the birth of your favorite person than to give him or her a bat that could potentially have a huge impact on their childhood or early adulthood? There's no need to gift wrap, because JustBats knows from experience (please see below picture) that opening the box is the best part.


1.) Christmas

December 25th means not only is it Christmas, but that spring training is right around the corner. Gifting a bat for Christmas is your chance to get ahead of the game. This usually means that you've ordered before the vast majority of others and that there is a good chance you'll get the bat you want before it sells out. Plus, if you order a composite bat, this will give you ample time to break it in to your liking! 

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Have you ever gifted a baseball bat or softball bat as a present? Have you been on the receiving end of a new bat? Let JustBats know your story by commenting in the section below! We love to hear heart-warming stories about someone receiving a new bat and how it has made their day. Or, if you have any baseball bat or softball bat related questions, please give our friendly Bat Experts a call at 866-321-BATS (2287). They are available and will be there for you from click to hit!

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