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2022 Easton Ghost Double Barrel Review

Easton is back with yet another hot fastpitch softball bat. You may know about the Easton Ghost Double Barrel history and the buzz it has generated over the years. There's little doubt throughout the industry surrounding the performance of Easton softball bats, but is it possible the bar has been raised yet again?

With the recent release of the Easton Ghost Double Barrel fastpitch softball bat, we wanted to take the time to provide you with an honest review of the latest release. We will break down the bat's construction, the latest innovations, and which player is best-suited to swing the Easton Ghost.

Quick Hits

Taking a quick glance at the Easton Ghost, there are a few important features to touch on. For starters, the Ghost is a fully composite softball bat. 

[Tip] Composite fastpitch softball bats will often require a little break-in time for the carbon fibers to settle along the barrel. To effectively break in a fastpitch softball bat, be sure to get 100-200 hits on the barrel, rotating it a quarter turn every 10 hits to fully break in the entire barrel. 

Notably, Easton has implemented new composite materials used in the Easton Ghost Double Barrel. The Sonic Comp Material allows the barrel to sport a lower compression while still performing at an industry-leading rate. The new composite materials deliver an easily recognizable noise on contact that opposing pitchers soon won't forget.

In baseball, many of the game's strongest players choose aluminum alloy bats for their stiffness. Stiffness in bats creates additional power. Easton has made a conscious effort to maintain elite levels of stiffness in their Double Barrel Ghosts. This has carried over into the model as the ConneXion Connector Piece has returned in their most recent release. Beyond just providing extra power with each swing, this connection device enables hitters to swing freely without worrying about negative vibrations. Look for the Ghost Double Barrel to rival any other bat on the market regarding its power performance.

The final part of the Ghost's construction that we need to touch on is the swing weight. The Easton Ghost Double Barrel will sport a balanced swing weight. This allows hitters to easily control the barrel through the zone and make consistent contact with the sweet spot. It also makes the Ghost an approachable bat by any style of hitter. 

End-loaded softball bats are primarily used by middle-of-the-lineup power hitters. However, the stiff construction of the Ghost Double Barrel combined with the new composite materials allows this bat to still be powerful enough to drive in runs while also being controllable enough for contact hitters at both the top and bottom of the order.

Available Sizes

The Easton Ghost Double Barrel is available at JustBats in drop -11, drop -10, drop -9, and drop -8 sizes. 

Unlike some early Ghost models, the latest version is approved for both USSSA and USA (ASA) Softball. It also sports NSA, ISA, and WBSC certifications meaning that it is approved for all significant fastpitch softball leagues in America. 



The main complaint surrounding previous Ghost models has been the durability of the barrels. Players and parents have talked about having their bats crack while using them. This is, unfortunately, a fairly common occurrence for many composite bats, but rest assured that Easton is well aware of this issue. This is likely why they chose to switch their composite materials in this year's release. 

At this point in time, we don't have enough feedback to decide on the marketed "improved durability" of the Ghost. However, we encourage you to continue to check the Easton Ghost Double Barrel bat reviews available on our website.

Keep in mind that every Easton Ghost Double Barrel purchased through JustBats will come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty protecting it for the first year of use. Any defect in the bat causing it to lose performance will be replaced through Easton’s warranty department.  


Now we want to hear from you. Have you ever swung an Easton Ghost Double Barrel before? What did you think? Did you like the feel on contact? Were there elements about it that you didn't like? Hit us up on social media and let us know your thoughts on Easton's latest release!

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We hope you enjoyed the read and if you ever have any questions regarding your next bat purchase, please contact our team of Bat Experts via phone, email, or live chat. We're JustBats, and we're with ya from Click to Hit!

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