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Softball Recruiting: Highlight Video

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carie Dever-Boaz, and I just wanted to give you a little insight if you're thinking about making a highlight tape. What are you gonna use it for? Well, you can use it for a Christmas gift, but a lot of people are using it to get themself exposed to colleges, and to college coaches. It's changed tremendously over my career. It used to come on big VHS filming, which probably some of you don't even know what that is. And then it went to the CDs, and now it's just becoming where it's on YouTube or streamed. And teams have websites, even, where you can go and do it. I think the common mistakes that I've seen is people do 'em for too long. They don't put any identification to it. You wanna make sure your name, your phone number, your contact information, your positions, your teams, your ACT scores, to try to make it as efficient for the person who would be viewing it. I think you want to be really careful about putting game footage on there. I know I found one of my best athletes by watching another young lady's video. I watched some game footage; she was the pitcher, and I went out for the short stop. So, I appreciate it that she gave that to me, but it wasn't what she was going after, so I think you gotta be careful about that. And then, I think most coaches realize that athletes are going to make mistakes. You might bobble a ball. You might not get to a ball. I don't want you to edit it. I want to see it all. I wanna see you go hard. I wanna see you get dirty. I wanna see how you recover from a mistake. I wanna see your footwork. But I don't need 200 ground balls, you know? A couple ground balls here and there; make a move. If you play the outfield you play multiple positions; you wanna do that. As a pitcher, I just really wanna see the actual pitch. So, a lot of times, just from right behind the pitcher. Not so much from right behind the catcher for me, because the catcher normally gets in the way, so I like to see it. But I just wanna see a couple of each pitch. In hitting, you might do a couple of bunts, and then just hit. I wanna see you hit. Ideally, I'd love to see you hit off a live hitting, but that's not always capable of doing it. But I would much prefer to see you off of a front arm toss swinging then I would off of a machine, 'cause there''s variables when there's another human being on the other side, and I think that's very significant. But most importantly, just a little bit of everything. You gotta remember these college coaches gotta win. They've got their own team to take care of, and they're planning for the future, so you wanna make as big a impact in a short of period time as possible, and you wanna make it easy for 'em. Get 'em fresh in the mind, and you really wanna tease them to come out and watch you play, because the intangibles on a film is not something they can see, and you want 'em to see that you pay attention to when you think no one's looking that you stand out, and why they can't not live without you. And I hope that helps. Thanks.

Carie Dever-Boaz explains how to make a highlight video that stands out! As a former Division One head coach and National Pro Fastpitch National Champion, Carie Dever-Boaz, knows the ins and outs of recruiting for softball.

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