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COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14: Image #329328
COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14: Image #329325
COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14: Image #329326
COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14: Image #329327
COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14: Image #329328 COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14: Image #329325 COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14: Image #329326 COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14: Image #329327 PR14: Video #2043 COMBAT Classic BBCOR: PR14 Adult: Video #3713
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  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play

  • Free Shipping!

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty

  • One-Piece 100% Composite Construction

  • Extended Sweetspot

  • Dynamic Tuning For Less Vibration

  • Lower M.O.I. Means Faster Swing Speeds

  • Looks and Sounds Like a Wood Bat

COMBAT claims that they simply have the best BBCOR bats on the market today. This is not just a hollow claim either, they back it up with innovative technology and performance enhancing designs. The new COMBAT Classic BBCOR is designed to look, feel, and sound like a wood bat... except its not a wood bat. The Classic BBCOR is 100% composite which gives it more pop, better durability, and a lighter swing weight than most wood bats. This lighter swing weight is due to a lower Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) which allows players to swing the bat faster and thus generate more power behind their swing. The Classic BBCOR also has two sweet spots, one on the barrel and one at checkout. You simply will not find a better composite BBCOR at this price point. The sweet spot on the barrel is several inches larger than on past bats, because even though BBCOR rules regulate trampoline effect, they do not regulate sweet spot size. So even though your distance on perfect hits may not dramatically increase, the ball will travel much further on inside and outside contact. Dynamic tuning also prevents sting on mishit balls to make the Classic BBCOR one of the most comfortable swinging bats that you'll find on the field today! COMBAT: For Players, By Players! The Classic BBCOR is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty. Free Shipping!

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Overall Rating

Pros: good long sweetspot.built for power hitters.

Cons: scratches to easy.

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Overall Rating

Pros: My Son went from a -5 drop to the bbcor -3. We thought he was going to lose some distance but that was'nt the case with this bat. Huge sweet spot great wood sound and the ball jumps off the bat just like it use to. The bat is heavier but is balanced. He has not lost any swing speed.

Cons: Unfortunately the awesome color and finish nicks and scratches easily

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great pop, ball jumps off bat.


Was this review helpful? 3 10
Overall Rating

Pros: Well balanced, My son and daughter have used Combat bats for a few years now and this bat lives up to Combats reputation for making quality equipt. $199.00 and my son is hitting the ball better than his friends with their $400.00 bats.

Cons: none so far

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Overall Rating
TheBurrisBoss 44

Pros: This bat is amazing! Right out of the wrapper it was very good. A balanced bat.

Cons: NONE! ABSOLUTELY NONE! Combat has impressed and exceeded BBCOR expectations again!

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Overall Rating

Pros: Has a great feel to it when you swing, the grip also feels really nice

Cons: scratches really easy

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Overall Rating

Pros: nice grip never gives you blisters and awesome sweet spot

Cons: grip wears off to easy makes it slippery

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Overall Rating

Pros: this bat is the best bat in the market it helped me hit the ball an extra 30 feet than other bats

Cons: this bat looks so wood that people about dident let me use it in the game

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Overall Rating
Combat tester

Pros: looks good sounds like wood huge sweet spot well balanced

Cons: none

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Overall Rating

Pros: It really dose look like a wooden bat..

Cons: I was very disapointedin this bat. i am more of apower or clean-up hitter and it didnt help meat all ,it also chips easy..!

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Overall Rating

Pros: Got this for my son as a first big barrel bat for moving up out of Little League. It has a real nice balanced feel with a huge sweet spot. It doesn't look like he's struggling to swing a bigger bat. Grip feels nice and it hits similar to a maple bat he has as well.

Cons: No real cons to report just yet. Only reason we didn't give it a 5 is 5 implies perfection and that's a tough standard. Great bat!

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Overall Rating

Pros: Good pop when you get it right on the sweet spot. Good for batting practice or to get adjusted to a drop 3 baseball bat.

Cons: Very top heavy and a uncomfortable bat to swing with in a game.

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Overall Rating

Pros: ball jumps off the bat even though i have never hit with it or seen anyone hit with it

Cons: i dont know

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Overall Rating
Brandon Bryant

Pros: The general bat is nice, the grip is very good, it has a biger sweep spot which many might think is good, but it is very top heavy.

Cons: The pop is not good enough to keep a power hitter like myself using it . Dont get this bat

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What are the advantages/disadvanteges to using this bat vs. the Combat B3
This bat looks, sounds, and feels like a wood bat. Though it is does have the Low MOI for quicker bat speeds.
How is the bat weighted...top-heavy or balanced?
This is a balanced bat.
Would this bat be allowed in wooden bat only tourneys?
No. It is not a wood bat.
How does this bat compare to the bbcor tpx omaha?
Both of these bats will be good options. You may get a little more power out of the COMBAT.
Is this bat just as good as the over-prices bbcors?
Yes, this is a great bat. COMBAT dominates with their one piece composites. Huge sweet spot, nice balance and excellent pop.
How does this bat compare performance wise to the RIP IT Prototype?
The PR14 is a new bat and I have not heard any feedback from customers yet. However, I have hit with both the PR14 and Prototype. The PR14 felt great to swing, but I feel the Prototype offered a little more pop. The Prototype does have a slighlty more end-loaded feel.
Does this bat perform as well regular BBCOR bats
Yes, this will perform similarly to other BBCOR models
How does the PR14 compare to the new B3? Which one has more pop?
I would give the advantage to the B3, because the PR14 is designed to perform like a wood bat. Non-wood bats tend to have more "pop".
Can I use it in Babe Ruth this year?
Yes, it is legal for ages 13-18.
Can my son use this bat under the new USSSA 2012 guidelines? It is BBCOR but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks
Yes, all BBCOR bats should be allowed for USSSA play
My son is use to using combats, he has to have a bbcor now that the rules have changed. What combat drop 3 series would you reccommend for him? He is a backside contact hitter for the most part. I was looking at all the bbcor combats to see what i could get for the value. He is using b2 drop 5 now and loves it. Thanks
This will have pretty good pop for the price. If you are looking for COMBATs top of the line I would take B3 or the 52 Caliber.
Is its barrels 2 5/8
senior league slugger
Yes. This will have a 2 5/8" barrel.
is this bat legal for middle school use? also, is this bat composite?
This bat is legal for use in the middle school division. As long as it has the BBCOR stamp certification, or the USSSA BPF 1.15 stamp, the bat will be legal.
witch bat will have more pop and be better for a power hitter the combat PR14 or the nike aero M1?
Both the PR14 or the M1 would be great bats for a power hitter. One is alloy and the other is composite but they would both be good choices.
Is it wood?
No. It is just the paint job that gives it a wood-like finish. It is actually 100% composite.
Is this bat High School and Collegiate legal?
Yes. It is BBCOR certified and 100% legal for High School and College
If you put a clear coat of paint on the bat to prevent chipping would it effect that bats power?
I wouldn't recommend applying a clear coat of paint to your bat. This will thicken the walls of the bat (maybe not by much) and when you have a bat with thicker walls, performance will decrease.
I am a power hitter and don't know whether to pick this bat or the Easton XL3. What bat should I go with?
Both bats are great choices. The main difference between the two is the fact that the XL3 is an all alloy bat and the Classic is a composite bat. The Classic will require a break in, but will get better the more you use it. The XL3 will be hot right out of the wrapper. The XL3 also has an end loaded feel that helps power hitters generate even more power. Since both of them are stiff, one piece bats you can't really go wrong with either!
Is the bat USSSA certified?
matt d
The COMBAT Classic BBCOR: PR14 Adult bat is not USSSA certified. This is an adult bat and adult bats will not feature the USSSA stamp.
I'm 5'4 120, would the 31" 28 oz be better for me than the 33" 30?
Based on your height and weight, I would probably suggest going with the 31" 28oz. The 33" 30 oz could possibly be too long for you.
The COMBAT Classic PR14 is a great bat for an all-around type of hitter.
Is this bats pop above average?
The COMBAT Classic BBCOR has tremendous pop. The ball flies off the barrel.
What's better this or the 2013 Vexxum? I need a bat but I don't know which one.
The COMBAT Classic BBCOR is a one piece full composite bat and the 2013 DeMarini Vexxum is a two piece composite handle and alloy barrel. One piece bats are more suited for power hitters and two piece bats are more suited for contact hitters. Both bats are going to have a lot of pop and great durability.
I bought the 2012 demarini voodoo last year and i am not completely satisfied with it because of its top heaviness. Is the combat classic bbcor balanced? what are some other balanced bats that you would recommend?
The COMBAT Classic PR14 has a balanced swing weight. Other balanced BBCOR bats are the Easton S1, Easton S2, Easton S3 and Rawlings 5150 Velo.
What is better? Marucci Black or the COMbat Classic BBCOR PR14?
lady slayer!!
The COMBAT Classic PR14 is a one-piece fully composite bat, whereas the Marucci Black is a two-piece hybrid bat (composite handle/aluminum barrel). Either bat would be a fantastic option.
What are the disadvantages of this bat ?
The COMBAT Classic BBCOR is a little stiff, better for a player with some power. For more reviews, check out our customer feedback section; http://www.justbats.com/reviews/COMBAT-classic-bbcor--pr14-adult/14595/#revpageList
I am a power hitter but also need a bat that will allow me to have good contact when i need it i don't know weather to get this bat or the Demarini Voodoo?
That all depends on what type of bat you've used in the past with the most success. If you've previously used a one-piece bat with more success, I recommend the COMBAT PR14. If you've previously used a two-piece bat with more success, I recommend the DeMarini Voodoo.
Is this a 2013 model?
The COMBAT Classic BBCOR: PR14 Adult is a 2012 model.
Are you able to use this bat in Little League Junior Division?
Yes it is. If you want to read over the league rules further down the road, here is the link. http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/9458/30999.pdf.
Chad M.
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COMBAT is obsessed with making the "best bats" in the industry.

A product of the CE Composites brand, COMBAT entered the baseball and softball worlds in 2004.  Since that point, the company has emerged as the fastest growing brand within the industries.  Their bats have set a higher standard in all leagues and age ranges.

The brains behind COMBAT are not only regarded as composite design, manufacturing and engineering experts, but they are also die hard fans and players of the game.  Above all, they strive to understand what players need and want.  They truly live by their motto:


COMBAT Warranty Information

COMBAT Classic BBCOR Baseball Bat: PR14
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8
Baseball Bats BBCOR
Bat Type Baseball
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Length to Weight Ratio - 3
Material Composite
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