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  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio

  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for High School and Collegiate Play

  • Composite Handle to Prevent Breakage

  • Hard Maple Barrel

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Patented AXE Grip - Ergonomically Designed for Better Control, Bat Speed, Comfort, and Safety

  • * 120-Day Manufacturer's Warranty*

  • Free Shipping!


If you've never heard of the patented Axe handle, you're missing out. The revolutionary design is exactly what it sounds like. The handle of an Axe bat is designed like the handle of an actual axe to provide optimal control and grip of the bat. This asymmetrical handle is biomechanically engineered for a flush fit and assists in keeping a hitter on the correct swing plane. As a result, players get better barrel accuracy and a decreased risk of injury and hand fatigue. Thanks to the Axe handle, the Hard Maple Composite Wood Bat has, without a doubt, an edge over other maple composite wood bats. And that's not the only advantage! To prevent breakage, Axe crafted the bat out of hard maple wood and made the handle out of a composite material. This ultimately provides players with total confidence and dominance at the plate! Speaking of confidence, Axe is so confident in the make-up of the Axe Hard Maple Composite Wood Bat they're offering a 120-day warranty. What do you have to lose? Axe: Unleash Your Swing! The Axe Hard Maple Composite Wood Bat is BBCOR Certified and approved for high school and collegiate play. Free Shipping!


Average Ratings Based on 2 Customer Reviews

5.0 Stars:Overall Rating
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
WOW Baller player

Pros: This bat is awesome. Have thousands of cuts on this bat and still going. Handle feels amazing. Best wood bat i have ever swung.

Cons: None yet, but only on a thousand swings....

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
5 Stars: Durability
5 Stars: General Feel
5 Stars: Pop
5 Stars: Vibration
Not a gimmick, it's a great bat. Anonymous parent

Pros: Great feel, great taper, no big barrel baloney. My Son's on his 2nd, as he's grown and has swung a 33" for the last year. We initially got his 32" over 2 years ago, as a promotion with the purchase of the AXE Avenge he uses also in his varsity HS games. He loves them both, as many of his various teammates do as well, and had no problem selling the 3 year old 32". Whether you're a power, or contact hitter, you're gonna love the control and great MOI through the zone. The "AXE" handle configuration allows a cleaner, smoother swing at the all the inside stuff, that's always been troublesome to him, as it is with most taller batters. (myself included, when I played). He does split duty by using the new Easton S1 wood comp, as well, depending on the pitcher he's facing. He also uses the Easton S1 BBCOR, along with his AXE Avenge,for his HS ball as well. They both have that nice clean taper, and non of that "big barrel" hype. Similar sweet spots, and are true "balanced" performers.

Cons: Nadda..., just a shame that there's such a price difference between the AXE, and Easton S1 "wood comp" bats.

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Axe Hard Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat: L180 Adult? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

How does this bat compare to the Axe L116? The L116 says it is a composite bat but it looks like a one piece solid wood bat. I bought my son an Axe BBCOR metal last year and he loved it. But this year he must use wood for his high school season. I'm looking for some help on getting the right bat but we want an Axe for sure. eric
Both the Axe Hard Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat (L180) and the Axe Hardwood Senior League Baseball Bat (L116) would be considered composite wood bats meaning they have both wood and composite material featured in some way. The L180 features a composite handle with a maple barrel while the L116 has a wood core with a composite and laminate outer shell that helps make the bat more durable. The BBCOR certification would make the L180 more appropriate for high school play and more like the alloy Axe bat that he had. The L116 is a lighter weight Senior League bat that would not feature the BBCOR certification required for high school play.
Is this bat approved for USSSA 14U? sidc3000
The Axe Hard Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat: L180 Adult features the BBCOR certification so to my knowledge it will be legal for play within USSSA 14U.
John P.

About the Brand

Launched by Baden Sports in 2011, the Axe line of bats was hailed as a breakthrough in bat technology by players and coaches from youth leagues to the Pros. The makers of the Axe line of bats often pose the question, "What does your traditional knob do for you?" Most players don't have a good answer. Axe engineers have created a handle that is not only more comfortable and safer in terms of hand injuries, but also helps improve the hitter's swing by keeping them on an even plane. Although Axe is new to the market, they are backed by Baden Sports, Inc., an independent, family-owned company that has been making baseball products since 1979. Their passion to create a better game is unparalleled, making it no surprise that the Axe handle is set to be baseball's next big thing.

Bat Properties

Axe Hard Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat: L180 Adult
Baseball Bats Wood Baseball
Color Black
Length to Weight Ratio - 3
Material Half and Half
Vendor Axe
Wood Type Composite Wood Maple
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