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Worth Krecher Slow Pitch Softball Bat Review

Let’s talk about the Worth Krecher slow pitch softball bats. A reliable choice for players seeking a balance of performance and durability. With its innovative design and solid construction, the Worth Krecher offers a dependable option for both casual and competitive play. However, we wanted to take an even deeper look into one of the best slow pitch softball bats in the business. In the following review, the Bat Experts at JustBats break down the notable features, provide bat reviews from verified customers, and offer our recommendations as to the type of hitter that should swing the Worth Krecher. Let's get started.

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Worth Krecher Review

Design and Construction

The Worth Krecher boasts a sleek design with advanced materials that set it apart. Each Krecher offers a 100% composite barrel constructed to deliver a massive sweet spot. Other notable features include:

  • Multi-Piece Composite Construction

  • Slightly End Loaded Swing Weight

  • 13.5-Inch Barrel Length

  • Available Models for Both USA & USSSA Softball

  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty When ordered through JustBats

The Krecher is raising the bar in slow pitch softball. Its Flex handle technology allows for an excellent whip through the zone and the optimized end load weighting instantly adds additional power to your game. And unlike other end loaded slow pitch bats, the Krecher still offers hitters excellent barrel control allowing you to place the ball from foul line to foul line.

Real Bat Reviews

Players rave about the Worth Krecher's unmatched pop right out of the wrapper. There's no lengthy break-in period; this bat arrives ready to perform. The balanced feel gives hitters the edge to make consistent contact, while the grip provides comfort and stability through every swing. 

Pros: Sleek, nice, and ready to use straight out of the box. Heavier than the balanced, helps with timing and the sweet spot is still big.

Cons: The grip tape is not the greatest so just buy that and re-tape with lizard skin or something like that and you’re set.


Pros: Whole team of over 40-year-olds use this bat in our bar league and makes a huge difference!! Worth every penny!

Cons: None


Is the Worth Krecher Right for You?

There’s a reason the Worth Krecher stands out as a top-tier choice for any serious player. Its superior design, exceptional performance, and positive user feedback solidify its status as a must-have. Keep in mind that the end loaded swing weight will require confidence in your swing. Novice hitters will want to steer clear of the Krecher until they become more refined with their game. However, if you are a serious slow pitch player who is looking for one of the top softball bats, the Worth Krecher is a must-swing.

Can the Worth Krecher be used in all weather conditions?

Yes, the advanced materials and construction of the Worth Krecher make it suitable for play in various weather conditions without compromising its integrity or performance. But please keep in mind that the Krecher is a fully-composite bat so using it in colder weather may cause the barrel to crack. 

What leagues is the Worth Krecher approved for? 

The Worth Krecher is approved for both USA and USSSA Softball. The do not, however, have a bat that is approved for both leagues, but rather available models for each league individually.

What type of hitter would benefit most from the Worth Krecher?

The strong, confident, experienced slow pitch softball hitter will benefit the most from the Worth Krecher.

If you're considering adding the Worth Krecher slow pitch softball bat to your bat bag, look no further than JustBats. We offer a full selection of slow pitch softball bats and free, fast shipping with every order. We also have a team of Bat Experts ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call or text at 866-321-2287, send us an email at, or you can click here to Live Chat with an expert now. We’re JustBats, and we’re with you from Click to Hit!

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