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Worth 454 Titan: SB454U From a Softball Guys Perspective

Worth 454 Titan: SB454U From a Softball Guys Perspective

Hello everyone, my name is Michael, and my peers affectionately call me softball guy because I play in a tournament almost every weekend. Do to this teasing, I have been asked what bat I swing and why? So today I’m going to talk about the Worth 454. To be precise, I swing the Worth 454 Titan: SB454U, but have swung all the 454’s slow pitch bats and liked them all.

So what factors guide me in picking a bat? Several factors come into consideration when I pick out a bat. First, how hot out of the wrapper is it? Second, where on the barrel and how big is the sweet spot? Third, how long does it take to break-in the barrel to reach peak performance? These factors are the same for all my friends that play and probably the same for you.

So now you know what I consider before getting a bat, the answer to why I swing the Worth 454 Titan: SB454U is simple. The main reason and the only one that any softball guy really cares about is performance. The answers to the above questions, yes it comes out of the wrapper nice, the sweat spot is big and around the 4 and 5 on the barrel graphics. Break-In takes about 150 to 200 cuts. As far as peak performance goes, I’ll have to let you know as it keeps getting hotter every time I swing it.

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