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Why Don't Sam Bat's Say "Rideau Crusher" Anymore?

Why Don't Sam Bat's Say "Rideau Crusher" Anymore?


Here at JustBats, we frequently receive phone calls about Sam Bat's quality baseball bats. Since 1997, when there was concern about the high amount of ash bats being broken in professional games, Sam Bat has specialized in the production of maple wood bats. Sam Bat is frequently credited with being the originator of the maple wood bat. And, through it all, Sam Bats were traditionally marked with a winged bat symbol and the words Rideau Crusher inscribed on the barrel.

Beginning in 2015, Sam Bat models were no longer being marked with the words Rideau Crusher on the barrel. Naturally, a lot of longtime Sam Bat supporters were shocked when their new Sam Bat lumber was showing up without those famous words on the barrel. So, what happened to the Rideau Crusher name?


Apparently, those words did not mean anything specific to any option in Sam Bat’s line. The printing of Rideau Crusher on the barrel was a way for Sam Bat to honor their heritage. The Rideau River runs into the home town location of Sam Bat; which is Ottawa, Ontario.

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In the past, Sam Bat printed Rideau Crusher on every barrel of every bat they produced. However, beginning in 2015 they started phasing out the practice of having it printed on the bats. Currently, only specific Pro Models feature Rideau Crusher on the barrel.

Sam Bat informed JustBats that models lacking Rideau Crusher printed on them doesn't mean that you have a model lacking in quality. It is just a basic update that they have made to the bats they are creating.

Mystery solved.

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Have any other questions regarding baseball bats? Leave a comment below or contact the Pros at JustBats at 866-321-2287 .

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