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The World's First "smartBAT"? RIP-IT Wants To Make It A Reality

The World's First "smartBAT"? RIP-IT Wants To Make It A Reality

"I am an advocate for providing people with better information because I have learned it leads to better decision making." - RIP-IT CEO Jason Polstein.

The team at RIP-IT are no strangers to developing game-changing technology for the baseball and softball markets, but if their newest project reaches its funding goal, they will have created a product that can actually make you a better player.

In a time where almost everything we use throughout the day is "smart" (TVs, phones, appliances, even your child's pacifier), a technologically advanced baseball or softball bat seems like a logical progression - and one that can actually make a meaningful impact on your life. With the smartBAT, RIP-IT aims to create the perfect solution for baseball and softball players who are attempting to earn scholarships or are just trying to take their game to the next level.


The smartBAT is unique in that it is the only baseball and softball bat created to measure your swing (at a rate of over 1,000 data points per second) while providing detailed analytics in real-time, allowing you to see the areas in which you excel and those that could use improvement. Engineered with a battery life of about 7 days between charges, the smartBAT is able to record, collect, and instantly transmit your swing data via Bluetooth LE to your phone or computer without any worry of losing power throughout the day. No set-up, no calibration, just pick up the bat and start swinging!

RIP-IT Smart Bat

Since the concept drawings were finalized in August of 2014, RIP-IT's design team has made huge strides that include creating their first prototype with off-the-shelf components, to finding a way to put all of that raw captured data into meaningful metrics, and ultimately producing the final working prototype that their Kickstarter backers will receive.

You can check out all of the progress they've made, meet the team, ask any questions, and help the cause, by visiting the smartBAT KickStarter page here:


And if you're in the market for a new baseball, fastpitch, or slow pitch softball bat, you can browse the entire lineup of RIP-IT Baseball and Softball Bats at!

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