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The Smart Bat

The Smart Bat

"Having Zepp combined with my signature bat will help give me an edge. I'm always looking to improve my swing and have consistency throughout the season."

- Mike Trout

Old Hickory has partnered with Zepp to produce the first true smart baseball bat. What exactly does a "smart bat" entail?






Basically, the Zepp baseball analysis system allows players to measure the most important aspects of their swing, such as Bat Speed at Impact, Hand Speed Max, Time to Impact, Attack Angle, and Vertical Angle at Impact. And, while the Zepp system has been beneficial, the device protrudes from the end of the baseball bat and results aren't instanteous.

>>> Need to analyze your baseball or softball swing? <<<

Now, Zepp has partnered with Old Hickory--the producers of Mike Trout's signature baseball bat--to bring the Smart Bat.

The smart bat streamlines the baseball bat integration, enhances swing analysis results, and allows the user to see results in a matter of minutes. There's three easy steps:

  1. Insert Zepp sensor into the integrated bat mount.
  2. Connect Zepp wirelessly via Bluetooth to capture swing analysis.
  3. Analyze your swing on your mobile device.

Old Hickory will offer the Smart Bat in a variety of turn models within 3 different Old Hickory categories: Stock, Custom Pro, and Youth. Without the sensor, these high qulaity maple wood bats will retail for around $150 and $295 for a true smart bat with the sensor.

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JustBats is expecting to have in inventory at the end of August, but keep an eye out for new updates as we receive them. If you have any questions about the smart bat, feel free to call our Pros at 866-321-2287 .

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