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The Science Behind The Baden AXE

The Science Behind The Baden AXE

A hitter's ability to correctly use their hands when swinging immediately helps them stand out at the plate, so why not use a bat that will put your hands in the correct position and increase your bat speed? That is where Baden comes to the rescue with their AXE handle technology. The handle of a Baden AXE looks just like it sounds, the handle of an axe. Lets take a look at the science behind Baden’s AXE technology and the five benefits to the AXE handle.

1. Made to fit your hands - The oval contour of the AXE handle aligns with the natural angles of your hand to provide a comfortable feel.

2. Puts the bat in your fingertips - Gives you a more efficient swing. When a bat is in the palm of your hands tension is created. Tension in your hands and forearms at the start of your swing will reduce your bat speed. With the bat in your fingertips, you increase your bat speed and more energy is transferred into the ball.

3. Consistent swing plane - The AXE handle creates one level swing plane giving the hitter a better chance at solid contact. With a higher percentage of solid contact at the plate there is sure to be a higher batting average as a result.

4. Powerful contact position - Some of you may be familiar with the hitting phrase “palm up, palm down”. For those who aren’t the phrase “palm up, palm down” refers to the ideal positioning of a hitter’s hand at contact, where one palm should be facing the sky and one palm should be facing the ground. This position allows the hitter to be stronger at contact and to stay through the ball. The AXE handle helps to put the players hands in this position.

5. Freer swing - With less restriction through the swing due to the flat backside of the handle, there is no protrusion into the palm, creating more bat speed and a freer release after contact.

The Baden AXE series is available in Adult, Senior League (Youth Big Barrel), and Youth models. It is also featured in both Fastpitch and Slow Pitch softball models. Check out Baden’s full line at and give us your feedback on the Baden AXE bats in the reviews section of our site. Also be sure to submit any action photos or videos for a chance to win a $25 or $300 dollar gift card just in time for the holiday season!

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