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Shop Small: South 40 Snacks

Shop Small: South 40 Snacks


“Shop small”. Those two words are the battle cry of the little guys and girls in the business world. It is the mantra of companies that wage a daily battle to find unique ways to pit their services and products against those of the big chain and box stores.

The efforts of these smaller competitors seem to be working. As consumers, it seems more and more, we have that pang of guilt within us when we knowingly bypass the local start-up or long standing Mom n’ Pop location in favor of the large grocer or department store.
South Forty Sunflower Seeds Believe it or not, baseball and softball consumers can also use the words “shop small”, to influence their decision on where they might make their next softball or baseball related purchase. For almost any baseball or softball related item out there, you can choose between a large or small brand.

We are adding a new installment to the blog. This new series will highlight some of our favorite small businesses that offer softball and baseball related items. If you are one who is interested in supporting some of these smaller enterprises, keep your eyes peeled for these posts and start shopping small!

Shop Small: South 40 Snacks

The first installment of our “Shop Small: Baseball and Softball Edition” features South 40 Snacks out of Seattle, Washington (they aren’t far from the Axe Bat headquarters in Renton, WA!).

South 40 Snacks is delivering a fresh take on their one product: sunflower seeds. What they’ve done is create a seed that is huge. In fact, their seed is so huge that it dwarfs the seeds of other competitors that claim to have “big” or “giant” seeds.

South 40 SeedsIf you visit their site, you’ll find a clean and crisp looking web page that embraces the simplicity of enjoying the seeding experience. After all, one of the reasons their founder, Josh Schroeter, started the company is because he thinks eating giant seeds “is the best possible way in the world to pass the time”. That aura of simplicity rings true in their logo and even the packaging they use to send their seeds to customers.

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Sunflower seeds have an argument to be placed among peanuts and Cracker Jack as one of the quintessential cuisines of our national pastime. And South 40 Snacks understands their product’s relationship with the sports of softball and baseball. They have been providing their sunflower seeds to professional ball players and have received some props from players like Mariners' prospect Braden Bishop and professional softball star Monica Abbott (check out Monica’s mitt at JustBallGloves).

South 40 Snacks was nice enough to send us some seeds to enjoy around the office. Their seeds were as advertised: huge and delicious. All South 40 Snacks does is sunflower seeds, and if you order from them; you’ll be getting seeds, salt and simple enjoyment!

Check them out at the South 40 Snacks Website.

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