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Q&A: DeMarini's Global Senior Product Line Manager, Jerry Garnett

Q&A: DeMarini's Global Senior Product Line Manager, Jerry Garnett


Founded in 1989 in Hillsboro, Oregon, DeMarini started by introducing a "high-tech" softball bat to the market. But, it was in 1995 that DeMarini really hit it out of the park with their introduction of double wall bats that provided batters with a new way to amplify trampoline effect and increase power.

DeMarini continues to innovate for baseball bats and softball bats. Which is why JustBats had some questions for a gentleman at the forefront of DeMarini's innovation: Jerry Garnett, DeMarini's Global Senior Product Line Manager.


What do you do at DeMarini? Basically, please translate your Global Senior Product Line Manager title.

I have the pleasure of working with the BEST TEAM in the industry to dream, create and bring really cool stuff to market.


How did you get started with Wilson/DeMarini?

I was hired by Ray DeMarini shortly after the company started in 1989. It’s been a fun ride and Ray would be very proud of what we’ve done with his company.


What--in your opinion--makes DeMarini a leader in bats?

Speed to market. From concept to completion, we have the internal capability to produce a new bat model in a very short amount of time. Our ability to design, build and test in our US World Class state-of-the-art facility is critical to our success. 


What enhancements to bats is DeMarini working on for future versions?

We will continue to focus on the overall user experience for our products. Increased customization will be a driving factor in our future product lines. 


Which--in your opinion--are the best DeMarini bats?

All of them! That’s like asking me which one of my kids I like the best!!




What's your favorite part of working with JustBats?

The JustBats team really understands their customers and has the ability to provide GREAT consumer insight! This is key in product management as we need to have multiple channels from which we can listen, learn and respond with products that are going to fill consumer expectations.  


What's something about DeMarini bats that not a lot of people may know?

About 12 years ago we were in the final stages of signing Arizona State University to an equipment deal and Coach Murphy had Dustin Pedroia play-test our bats to see how he liked them.

Coach Murphy basically left the fate of our deal in the hands of his All-American and a couple of other players. Coach Murphy said that he appreciated everything about our presentation and program but that he would only sign with us if his players liked the bats. After a short period of time Dustin returned from his batting practice and gave Coach Murphy the thumbs-up.

That single player endorsement helped lead us to many other top programs around the country and multiple national championships. Much love to “Pedey” for his part in helping to put DeMarini Baseball on the map!  


Why should aspiring ballplayers use DeMarini?

Confidence at the plate. As a competitive player you don’t want to give your gear any thought while you are competing. We work hard to make our equipment an extension of the player. They do the work and we give them a great piece of equipment to get their job done at a high level.


Anything else you'd like DeMarini fans to know?

Think DeMarini-  Speak DeMarini - Buy DeMarini!!

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JustBats thanks Jerry Garnett for taking the time to answer questions about DeMarini. If you have any questions about DeMarini baseball bats or softball bats, contact the pros at JustBats at 866-321-2287 .

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