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New Logo. New Way to Save!

New Logo. New Way to Save!


It has been a little over a year since we launched the new JustBats website. Truthfully, we have been overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback we have received following the update. We have seen a direct increase in overall website activity and customer satisfaction. 

This has inspired us to re-analyze our brand. Moving forward, it is our goal to continue to create a product that is both easy to use, and something you are proud to be apart of. We promise to always embrace innovation and build for the future.

Therefore, without further adieu, we are proud to present the new JustBats logo.


But that’s not all we’ve done…

JustBats Bundle and Save

We couldn’t just stop at one change, so we decided to roll-out our new player-inspired savings program. For more than a decade we have offered our customers the opportunity to buy pre-selected bats, in bulk, at a discounted rate. These bat packs were wildly successful. However, we also want to provide the best platform for anyone to purchase a bat, or in this case, multiple bats. We have heard your feedback and are using those responses to drive our decisions. Therefore, we are proud to announce the new JustBats Bundle and Save program.

What is the JustBats Bundle and Save?

The idea behind the Bundle and Save program is to allow you, the customer, to create your perfect deal. By purchasing more than one eligible bat, you will save money on your overall purchase. The more bats you buy, the more money you save. You can also purchase multiple of the same bat and still receive the savings.

How do I Bundle and Save?


While the newest releases will not be eligible, we will showcase an assortment of bats deemed eligible for the program. They will be displayed on our website with a green flag icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select the bats with this icon that you are wanting to purchase. Add each to your cart and watch as the savings mount-up. The more bats you add, the more you end up saving.

Will the bats still have a warranty?

Yes. Assuming that the bat would have a warranty if purchased individually, then it will still have a warranty if purchased through our Bundle and Save program. This also applies to any 30-day trial period that manufacturers like Axe choose to offer.

Can I Bundle and Save a baseball and softball bat together?

Of course! This program was created to allow you to make the perfect deal - for you. Bundling a baseball bat with a softball bat is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creativity you can use with this new program. In the past, when we were predetermining the combinations, it forced us to paint with a broad brush to appeal to the masses. As a result, most of the combinations would have similar drop weights and certifications, as well as being same-sport specific.

What are your thoughts on the two new announcements? Did you notice we dropped the in the logo? Do you like the new changes? We want to know in the comments below!

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