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New Tools Help You Find the Right Bat

New Tools Help You Find the Right Bat

Many new tools were added to in September, let’s take a look at some of these new tools and how they will be able to help players, parents and coaches make choosing the right bat even easier.

At we make it a priority to have the largest selection possible. With so many bats there can be a lot of digging to find the right one for you. We have recently made vast improvements to our navigation that allow you to filter down to the particular types, features and attributes that you are looking for in a bat easier than ever before. On the left hand side navigation we have implemented new filters that allow you to drill down to find only those bats that meet the criteria you are looking for. Now you can not only search by categories of bats, such as adult, youth, fastpitch or slow pitch softball, but now you easily filter to include bats that only fit your criteria such as price, association, barrel size, material, brand and more.

Another update to in September was the release of the new Bat Wizard, now known as the Bat Coach. By answering a few questions the Bat Coach is able to take those features and qualities you are looking for in a bat and create a custom list of bats that specifically meet your needs and criteria and help take the guess work out of choosing a new bat. As you go through the Bat Coach, you are now able to see the list of bats that meet your criteria any time throughout the process. As the Bat Coach gathers information on what you are looking for in a bat, it is building a list of bats that meet the criteria. You will also be able to see that list at all times and how many bats are available. Another feature with the new Bat Coach is that you may go back and change any of your answers at any time. With the new Bat Coach, if you already know what size of bat you want and are only looking for bats in that particular size but has to meet other criteria, the Bat Coach builds a custom list of bats that are available in that size and that match any other criteria you may have. Simply put, the Bat Coach is great for any player or parent, whether you know what size of a bat you need or not, the Bat Coach is there to help all players and parents at any level of play.

Have a few bats you are considering? Try the new Compare Bat feature on The Compare Bat feature allows you compare multiple bats and highlights similarities between bats so you can easily see what features are different on the bats you are comparing. This is a great tool if you have a couple of bats but would like to see the key differences between them such as material, size and features. Comparing bats is very easy, if you are on the homepage or a page with a grid of bats, you can easily hover over the image of the bat and the option to compare bat will pop up. If you are on a specific product page, you can add the bat to the compare queue by clicking on “compare bat” below the bat features on the right hand side of the page.

These are just a few of the new features that have been released on this September. We will continue to roll out new features and tools on and we will let you know how those tools help you find the perfect bat.

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