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Most Popular Wood Bat Brands

Most Popular Wood Bat Brands

Let’s rewind to a more simple time. In the early days of baseball, there wasn’t innovation or any bat regulations. Players grabbed anything that was made of wood; wagon wheel spokes, ax handles, broomsticks, etc. Little did we know, Axe Handles would come full circle in the 2000’s. Players would reshape these pieces of wood on one end to form a better grip and the other end into a barrel. We have come A LONG way since then. Right now, we have over 450 wood bat options with a variety of over 8 different wood types.

As the popularity and advancements in metal bats continue to grow, the importance of hitting with wood bats cannot be overstated. If you have dreams of going pro one day, or simply hitting like one, then you should definitely consider having one of these best wood bats in your arsenal.

After reviewing the Most Popular Wood Bats of 2018, has gathered even more data on each individual bat to accumulate a list of the most popular bat brands for 2018 and the most popular wood bat for that brand. Let's begin.

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Marucci Sports has grown from a small-time garage-based operation to one of the top baseball bat manufacturer's in all of baseball. Their attention to detail and strict quality standards have been a fixed aspect of their work since Day 1. Marucci is challenging some of the biggest wood bat brands in the world when it comes to MLB bat usage. Marucci bats account for approximately 15% of all MLB players including superstars like Albert Pujols, Andrew McCutchen, and Jose Bautista.

The Marucci Bat Company uses top grade Maple billets cut from selected, naturally grown trees in Pennsylvania forests. This selection process ensures the highest possible grade of wood for each bat. Most impressive is the Bone Rubbing technique that The Marucci Bat Company & trade; uses. `Boning` bats began in the earliest days of baseball with players like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. These Hall-of-Famers would spend hours in their dugouts rubbing their bats with old cow femur bones. Bone Rubbing closes the wood`s pores, compressing it and making it harder. Marucci uses the same technique on their bats, rubbing before the finish is applied to seal and harden the wood. Just another example of how Marucci takes the same pride in their bats as our baseball heroes once did.

Marucci x JustBats Most Popular: Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB

Marucci Wood Bat

  • Bone Rubbed to Close Pores and Make the Wood Harder
  • Free Shipping!
  • Handcrafted From Top-Quality Maple Wood
  • Black Finish
  • Pro Cupped End - Improves Weight Distribution
  • Well Balanced Bat
  • Youth Model - Meets Requirements of Most Major Youth Baseball Organizations
  • Approximate -5 Length to Weight Ratio
  • * 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty *
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Modeled After Chase Utley's Game-Day Design

Lousiville Slugger

The Louisville Slugger has sold north of 100 million bats since its inception 130-plus years ago. If you swing a Slugger bat, you can thank Mr. John A. “Bud” Hillerich for crafting some of the top lumber in the greater Louisville, Kentucky area back in the late 1800’s. Without this legend who would become THE ‘Louisville Slugger’, we might be without some of the most popular wood bats in the game.

Louisville Slugger is the official bat of Major League Baseball. A whopping 20% of all MLB players are swinging Louisville Slugger bats in the game today. These big league bats use MLB Grade wood which comes from only the top 3% of Louisville Slugger's wood. This results in the hardest hitting surface and the straightest grains in comparison to any other wood bat. The hardest wood in the game usually means the hardest hits in the game. No wonder these bats are so popular.

Slugger x JustBats Most Popular: MLB Prime EL3-I13 KNG Gold Maple Wood Baseball Bat: WTLWPMI13B16

Slugger Wood Bat

  • 2 9/16 inch barrel diameter and approximate (-3) length to weight.
  • * NEW EXO ARMOR That Doubles Surface Hardness *
  • Free Shipping!
  • Bone Rubbed to Close Pores and Make Wood Harder
  • Cupped End
  • Hickory With KNG Gold Finish
  • Large Barrel
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • MLB Approved - Pro Ink Dot Certified for Slope of Grain
  • MLB Grade Maple Wood
  • Slightly End-Loaded Swing Weight
  • Standard Handle
  • Turning Model: EL3-I13

Axe bat? As one of the most popular wood bat brands? Absolutely. Axe bat is one of the most innovative baseball brands on the market today. Leading the Axe Bat charge is Boston Red Sox superstar, Mookie Betts. In 2016, Mookie Betts had a monster offensive season while swinging the Axe Bat axe handle in every single plate appearance. Betts went deep 31 times and drove in 113 runners with his Axe Bat.

Axe Handle Scientifically Proven Benefits:

Better Bat Control - High-speed video reveals a "hammering" motion from the traditional round knob. The Axe handle stabilizes the grip, increasing barrel control.
More Power & Bat Speed - Range of motion is increased and tension is reduced in the hands, resulting in greater power transfer and more bat speed.
Enhanced Comfort - The Axe handle is ergonomically designed to fit naturally in the contour of your hand.
Reduces Injuries - Traditional handles put tremendous pressure on a single point of the hand, which contains the commonly broken Hamate bone. The flush backside of the AXE handle relieves this pressure.

Axe x JustBats Most Popular: Pro Hard Maple Wood Baseball Bat: L118 Adult



  • Turn Model: 271
  • Approximate -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Professional Grade Maple Hardwood
  • Cupped End for Great Balance
  • Free Shipping!
  • Ergonomic Shape Provides Better Leverage and Extension
  • Patented AXE Grip - Ergonomically Designed for Better Control, Bat Speed, Comfort, and Safety
  • Promotes Palm Up / Palm Down Contact Position

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Have you had a chance to swing a bat from one of these booming bat brands? If so, drop a comment below and tell us which model.

If you have any additional questions about wood bats, give our Bat Experts a call at (866) 321-2287, shoot them an email at, or click here to live chat! Remember, we're here for you from click to hit! 

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