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Louisville Slugger LXT vs Xeno vs Meta Fastpitch Bat Comparison

Louisville Slugger LXT vs Xeno vs Meta Fastpitch Bat Comparison

For the better half of two decades, hitters around the world have been enamored with Louisville Slugger’s fastpitch softball bats. The LXT and Xeno have been staples in players’ bat bags for years, but the conversation has only intensified with Slugger’s recent release of the Meta. All three bats are worthy of consideration for the hottest fastpitch softball bat in the game. However, each offers hitters a little different experience. To finally put an end to this long standing debate, we have decided to jump in on this conversation. Here is our breakdown of the Louisville LXT vs Xeno vs Meta.

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Louisville Slugger LXT Bat Review

Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat

As sure as Spring will turn to Summer, ever year the Louisville Slugger LXT bats will be among the most popular softball bats. The LXT offers hitters a three-piece composite bat with a balanced swing weight. Vibrations are nullified by the VCX2 Connection which allows for independent movement between the barrel and the handle. This gives hitters more flex on contact when compared directly to the Xeno and Meta. Hitters have also become accustomed to the size of the LXT’s sweet spot, allowing for higher rates of quality contact. So, what’s the downside of the LXT?

The most quantifiable difference between the LXT and the Xeno is the price tag. The LXT will generally have a $50 - $100 higher price than the Xeno. Parents are paying for an increased sweet spot and more forgiveness on mishits. Overall, younger players will tend to gravitate to the LXT over the others given the leniency provided by the barrel and construction.


Louisville Slugger Xeno Bat Review

Louisville Slugger XENO Bat

While the LXT continues to be one of the most complete softball bats on the market, some players actually prefer to swing the Louisville Slugger Xeno. This is a result of a few slight differences in the Xeno’s design. 

The Xeno is a two-piece, all-composite fastpitch softball bat. It has a balanced swing weight and a durable composite barrel. The Xeno will be stiffer than the LXT, unlocking additional power for older, stronger players. A downside to the increase in stiffness will be additional vibrations, which can lead to some hand discomfort. But the main crux of the LXT vs Xeno debate has always come down to the price tag. Older players, more confident in finding the barrel with regularity, can still maximize their game while saving some additional money.If you are interested in trying both bats out, try our Bat Assurance Program. 30 days of risk-free hitting to give you freedom to find your perfect bat.


Louisville Slugger Meta Bat Review

Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Softball Bat

The latest fastpitch softball bat to break on to the scene is the Louisville Slugger Meta. Built with a two-piece, all-composite design, the Meta offers hitters a massive barrel/sweet spot combination alongside vibration dampening technology. 

Early feedback on the first couple of versions of the Meta speaks to the barrel performance. One of the hottest bats in softball, the Meta continues to find its place in fastpitch. The sound is similar to the LXT, while the stiffer feel (two-piece design) is comparable to the Xeno. The lone question mark seems to be with the durability of the NEW Mash Composite material. However, every fastpitch softball bat purchased through JustBats comes standard with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty protecting you from any damages during your first season. 

All-in-all the Meta is one of the best bats in softball. If you are worried about the durability, you might think about just using it in games to help preserve the barrel throughout the season.


Who Should Swing What?

Based on the information we just discussed here’s some guidance for hitters shopping for their next bat. [Note: Every hitter will have a different preference. This is simply to help educate parents and players shopping for their next fastpitch bat.]

  • LXT - Younger players looking for a smoother feel on contact. Less concerned about the budget for their bat.
  • Xeno - Older players wanting to maximize their power. More budget savvy and not concerned with possibly stingers.
  • Meta - Quality hitters seeking the hottest barrel they can find. Little concern with durability/cost.


Hopefully this breakdown of Louisville Slugger’s most popular fastpitch bats was helpful. If you still have questions, we have a whole staff of Bat Experts available to assist. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and would love to help you find any equipment you might need. Call us at 866-321-2287, email at, or click here to live chat. We’re JustBats, and we’re with you from Click To Hit!

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