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03/21/2012 Buyer's Guide: One Piece vs Two Piece Bats Buyer's Guide: One Piece vs Two Piece Bats

Personal preference plays a big role in finding a bat with the right feel for you, but let's take a look at the differences in one piece and two piece bats.

The main difference of these bats is that one piece bats are made as one continuous piece while two piece bats are developed in two sections. The handle and barrel are separate pieces that are eventually bonded together. Two piece bats give you more flex in the barrel on contact which causes more trampoline effect. By trampoline effect we are referring to the spring-like effect the bat has when making contact with the ball. Contact hitters tend to prefer two piece bats for this extra give. Two piece bats can also reduce vibrations in your hands which can allow you to swing more comfortably. Two piece bats also give you the option to combine materials, for instance an alloy handle and composite barrel.

All one piece bats are going to feature a stiff handle. They are very hard and don't have much give in them. Most power hitters typically prefer a one piece bat over a two piece bat due to the stiff solemn feel. Power hitters generally have more success with one piece bats because they have enough power to control the bat. They usually don't need the extra flex or give that two piece bats offer. A strong player with fast bat speed can flex a one piece bat as much as a player with a slower swing speed flexes a two piece bat.

The best way to achieve the ideal fit for you is to test both out. What feels better to you? What do you make better contact with? Which helps you drive a ball? Take some cuts and see what is most comfortable for you.

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