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How To Bunt In Baseball Or Softball

how to bunt in baseball or softball

Baseball and softball are games that require both skill and strategy. One of the most important skills for a player to possess is to learn how to bunt. Bunting can be a valuable tool in a player's arsenal (second to a baseball bat or softball bat), particularly when it comes to moving runners into scoring positions or advancing them around the bases. In this article, the Bat Experts at JustBats take a closer look at the art of the bunt and discuss some tips and techniques for how to bunt. Let's dive in!

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How To Bunt | Top Five Tips

Now that we've covered the different types of bunts let's take a look at some tips for executing a successful bunt.

  1. The first and most important tip is to keep your eye on the ball at all times. This means watching the pitch all the way into your bat. You want to make sure you're hitting the top of the ball, forcing it down toward the ground. Missing by a fraction of an inch can be the difference between success and failure.
  2. The second tip is to position yourself correctly. This means standing close to the plate and with your weight shifted towards your front foot. Square your shoulders (as soon as they begin their motion) and bend your back knee so that you can get on the same plane as the incoming pitch. Having the proper form when laying down a bunt will help to eliminate the common mistakes you often see bunters make.
  3. Next, shorten the bat. Move your top hand to the base of the barrel and slide your bottom hand to the top of the bat grip. Getting your hands in the proper position will shorten the bat and give you more control as you attempt to lay your bunt down.
  4. Catch the ball on your barrel. Players run into all sorts of issues bunting when they “stab” at the ball. Instead, let the pitch supply the necessary power, and you just worry about making the contact you want and placing the ball where you need it to go.
  5. The last tip is to practice, practice, practice. Bunting is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect, so the more you practice, the better you'll become. This means taking time to work on your bunting technique during practice. Then, if you get into a game and see your opposing corner infielders aren’t fully engaged, drop a bunt down and get yourself a free base hit.

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Three Types of Bunts

It is also important to understand the various types of bunts that can be used in different situations. Here are three different types of bunts you should know:

  1. The most common type of bunt is the sacrifice bunt, in which the batter intentionally hits the ball softly into play, allowing a runner to advance to the next base. This is typically called for by the coach when there are fewer than two outs, and a runner is on first base and/or second base, with the intention of advancing the runner(s).
  2. Another type of bunt is the drag bunt, which involves the batter moving toward first base and placing the bunt down either the first or third baseline. The player is trying to reach base safely and is not bunting with the intent of moving baserunners. The drag bunt is often used by a fast player in an attempt to catch the defense off-guard. Think hit or foul when drag bunting. The idea here is to either get down the perfect bunt or to bunt the ball foul and live to fight another day.
  3. The third type of bunt is the push bunt, in which the batter uses a slight push to guide the ball towards a specific area of the field, such as the third base line. This is typically done to advance runners or to catch the defense off-guard. 

In conclusion, the ability to bunt is a crucial skill for any ballplayer player to have. By understanding the different types of bunts and following these tips for execution, you can become a master of the bunt and add an essential weapon to your arsenal. And if you are ever in the market for a new baseball bat or softball bat, be sure to check out JustBats. We offer a vast selection of the game’s most popular bats, plus quick and reliable shipping on every order. We’re JustBats, and we’re with you from click, to bunt, to hit!


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