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How Many MLB Teams Are There?

Have you ever wondered how many professional baseball teams are in the MLB? What about how many teams are from each state? Or which state has the most MLB teams? Let’s take a look at these questions and more in this breakdown of the teams in Major League Baseball.





Arizona Diamondbacks

NL West


Los Angeles Angels

AL West

Los Angeles Dodgers

NL West

Oakland Athletics

AL West

San Diego Padres

NL West

San Francisco Giants

NL West


Colorado Rockies

NL West

District of Columbia

Washington Nationals

NL East



Miami Marlins

NL East

Tampa Bay Rays

AL East


Atlanta Braves

NL East



Chicago Cubs

NL Central

Chicago White Sox

AL Central


Baltimore Orioles

AL East


Boston Red Sox

AL East


Detroit Tigers

AL Central


Minnesota Twins

AL Central



Kansas City Royals

AL Central

St. Louis Cardinals

NL Central

New York


New York Mets

NL East

New York Yankees

AL East



Cleveland Guardians

AL Central

Cincinnati Reds

NL Central



Philadelphia Phillies

NL East

Pittsburgh Pirates

NL Central



Houston Astros

AL West

Texas Rangers

AL West

Toronto (Canada)

Toronto Blue Jays

AL East


Seattle Mariners

AL West


Milwaukee Brewers

NL Central

How Many MLB teams are there?

There are currently 30 teams in the MLB. Major League Baseball is portioned into two 15-team leagues (American and National). Each league is divided into three divisions, with five teams in each division. 

The American League

Established in 1901, the American League is composed of three divisions: AL East, AL Central, and AL West. Each division is represented by five teams that play each divisional opponent 19 times a year. 

There were eight original charter franchises from the American League. These eight teams were affectionately known as the “Classic Eight.” While many of these franchises have morphed over the years, the original eight American League teams were the:

  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Boston Americans
  • Chicago White Stockings
  • Cleveland Blues
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • Philadelphia Athletics
  • Washington Senators

The National League

Before the American League, the National League was the only officially recognized form of professional baseball. The Senior Circuit was founded in 1876 and currently is composed of three divisions: NL East, NL, Central, and NL West. Just like the American League, the National League is represented by 15 teams, five in each division.

The eight original members of the National League in 1876 were there:

  • Athletic Club of Philadelphia
  • Boston Red Caps 
  • Chicago White Stockings
  • Cincinnati Red Stockings
  • Hartford Dark Blues
  • Louisville Grays
  • Mutual Club of New York
  • St.Louis Brown Stockings

Over the years teams have switched between the two leagues. The most recent MLB team to switch leagues was the Houston Astros back in 2013. Prior to their move, the National League had 16 teams (six within the NL Central) while the American League had only 14 teams (four in the AL West).

How Many Players are on Each MLB Team?

Each MLB team is allowed to carry 26 players on their active roster. However, 40 players are allowed to be under contract and freely moved throughout the organization. 

From September 1 until the end of the postseason, rosters expand by two players. This means that teams can carry 28 total players during the final month of the season and, if they are fortunate enough to make it, throughout the postseason. 

About Major League Baseball

As the oldest standing professional sports league in the United States, Major League Baseball has seen its fair share of the obscurity. For entertainment purposes, we decided to compile a few fun facts about the MLB. 

  • 13 MLB franchises have relocated. Most recently, the Montreal Expos moved to Washington DC and became the Washington Nationals in 2005.
  • Edwin Jackson holds the record as the player that played for the most MLB teams (14) during his 17-year career.
  • Only six players have played 25+ MLB seasons. (Henderson, Moyer, Anson, Ryan, John, and McGuire)
  • Fernando Tatis is the only player to ever hit two(!) grand slams in the same inning.
  • In 1920, two pitchers, Leon Cadore and Joe Oeschger threw 26 innings apiece during the same game.
  • Of his 815 career starts, Cy Young threw a complete game in 749 of them.
  • Had Barry Bonds struck out in every at-bat he hit a home run, his career on-base percentage would’ve still been .383 (higher than Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols)
  • By the end of his fourth full season in the Majors, Rickey Henderson had already stolen 427 bases.


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