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Home Run Derby Rules

Home Run Derby Rules


In 2015, Major League Baseball introduced changes to the popular Mid-Summer Classic event: the Home Run Derby. The Home Run Derby has been part of Major League's All Star Game since 1985 and recent changes were implemented to create more excitement with a less time-consuming format.


The changes boil down to the following:

  1. Single elimination tournament format.
  2. Five minute rounds; no time limit.
  3. Bonus time for long distance home runs.
  4. Seeding determined by season total home runs.

So, what do each of the new rules entail?

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Single Elimination Tournament Format

In the past, participants would move on based on home run totals in that round. The new format acts like the NCAA Tournament in that you're not trying to hit more homers than seven other players, but--instead--you only have to worry about the player you're playing against.

The top seed will play the eighth seed, the second seed will play the seventh seed, the third seed will face the sixth seed, and the fourth seed will square off against the fifth. Winner of each matchup will move on to the second round.

Five Minute Rounds vs. No Time Limit

In the past, Home Run Derby participants would have no time limit. They just wanted to hit as many homers before their outs were up. With the new format, the player has five minutes, per round.

Additionally, any home runs hit during the final minute immediately stops the timer. The clock only resumes when a ball is not hit for a homer, a player swings and misses, or an out is recorded.

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Bonus Time For Long Distance Home Runs

If a player can hit the ball far--like, really far--then they're rewarded. That's because bonus time is added for long homers:

  • 60 seconds of bonus time for 2 homers that each equal or exceed 420 feet.
  • 30 seconds of bonus time for a homer that equals or exceeds 475 feet.
  • Both bonuses can be earned by hitting 2 home runs that equal or exceed 420 feet with one more than 475 feet, resulting in a total bonus of 90 seconds.

Seeding Determined By Season Total Home Runs

Wondering why Baltimore Orioles' Mark Trumbo is the one seed? That's because he leads the group of participants with 28 homers at the break.

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The new rules have already made for an exciting 2015 Home Run Derby. While JustBats can't change the rules and we have no influence on the winners, we can help you with all of your baseball bat and softball bat questions. Just give us a call at 866-321-2287 .

So, who do you think will win MLB's Home Run Derby?

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