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From Lumber to Leather: Introducing the Marucci Founders Series Gloves

From Lumber to Leather: Introducing the Marucci Founders Series Gloves


Marucci Sports, experts in crafting high quality bats for elite ballplayers, has combined that same expertise and enthusiasm and expanded their product offering into the defensive side of the game. Here at, we're happy to introduce the Marucci Founders Series fielding glove line. To ensure their first line of gloves met Big League expectations, Marucci teamed up with their own MLB Player Advisory Board for support in the design. Prior to release, each model has been used on-field for over a year by notable players like Brett Anderson, Bryce Harper, and Chase Utley.

The Founders' Series is constructed from high-quality Japanese Kip Leather. The combination of that full-grain leather with rolled welting and thick, U.S. tanned and dyed-through laces gives each glove the stiff feel and durability that advanced players are looking for. Reducing the heel padding thickness in the palm was another key feature demanded by Pros. Without the bulky heel that many other options on the market feature, the Founders Series promotes a perfect break-in and proper closure.

I-Web Middle Infield Model - M13FG1125i
Marucci Founders Series M13FG1125i

T-Web Infield Model - M13FG1150T
Marucci Founders Series M13FG1150T

Two-Piece Pitcher's Model - M13FG1200P
Marucci Founders Series M13FG1200P

H-Web Outfielders Model - M13FG1275H
Marucci Founders Series M13FG1275H

You can pick up your own Marucci leather at And as always, if you have any questions or aren’t sure which Marucci Founders Series model is the right choice for you, feel free to contact one of our representatives by phone (866-321-4568), email (, or Live Chat.



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