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Easton Slow Pitch Softball... Raw Power!

Easton Slow Pitch Softball... Raw Power!

Easton has a revamped slow pitch lineup for the upcoming season. The new technology and materials make them the hottest Easton slow pitch bats to date. Easton had one thing in mind when creating their 2014 slow pitch bats, RAW POWER! Easton is rolling out new 2014 models for USSSA, ASA and a few models approved for both USSSA and ASA.

The 2014 Easton slow pitch lineup features two main categories: the L-Series and B-Series.

The L-Series features a 12” barrel and an end-loaded swing weight designed for maximum power. Here are the specific end loads for each size in the L-Series: 26oz.= 1 oz. load, 27 oz. = 2 oz. load, 28 oz. = 3 oz. load, and 30 oz. = 4 oz. load.

The B-Series features a 13.5” barrel with a balanced swing weight designed for controlled power and bat speed. Here is the full list of Easton’s 2014 slow pitch lineup and the bats that they replaced.


Approved for USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF.

B1.0 (Replaced Stealth 100)

B2.0 (Replaced Synergy 100)

L1.0 Helmer Pro Model (Replaced Stealth 100H)

L2.0 Wegman Pro Model (Replaced Synergy 100W)

L5.0 (Replaced Salvo Comp. 100)

ASA Bats

Approved for play in ASA and ISF.

B3.0 (Replaced Stealth 98)

L4.0 (Replaced Synergy 98H) link currently unavailable

L6.0 (Replaced Salvo Comp. 98)


Approved for play in ASA, USSSA , NSA, ISA and ISF.

S1 (Replaced Stealth 98)

S2 (Replaced Synergy 98)

XL2 (Replaced Salvo Comp. 98)

L7.0 (Replaced Salvo Connexion)

L8.0 (Replaced Salvo Multi-Wall)

L9.0 (Replaced Salvo Scandium)

Check out our huge selection of slow pitch bats for the 2013 season, and be sure to submit your photos and videos for a chance to win a $25 or $300 gift card in our Gift Card Giveaway!

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