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Easton Power Brigade - Which Bat is Right for Me?

Easton Power Brigade - Which Bat is Right for Me?

What’s going on baseball fans? Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Kyle and I am the self proclaimed Bat Guru here at I have played baseball my whole life, and when I got the option to make a living talking, buying, and breathing baseball I jumped at the opp and haven’t looked back. This whole blogging thing is pretty new to me, but I am excited to share some knowledge, opinion, and hopefully help out all our beloved fans. Today I want to break down the new Easton lineup and explain what has changed, and how to pick the right bat for you.

Easton has always been on the leading edge when it comes to ground breaking technology in baseball bats. This year they came out with a whole new lineup which they are calling the Power Brigade. Names like the Omen, Surge, and Rival are now a thing of the past. Easton has chosen to get away from the old school naming convention and put a larger emphasis on their brand name not bat name. This is why the new bats will feature names like the S1, S2, and S3, and feature a large Easton logo with little reference to the bat name. Here is a quick guide to help you match old school to new school.


As you can see above, the Omen has changed to the S1 and XL1, the Surge to S2 and XL2, and the Rival to S3 and XL3. The new school bats all have similar designs and makeup’s as the old school designs, with subtle differences.

So what is the Power Brigade? Well simply put, Easton now offers two models for each bat. One model, which Easton has labeled as the Speed Series (all models start with “S” in the model number), is constructed to help players increase bat speed. The other model, the XL Series (all models start with “XL” in the model number), is designed more for the power hitter. By creating different models for different types of players Easton hopes to have a bat to cater to each player’s specific style.

The Speed Series will feature slightly smaller barrels and more balanced swing weights. By decreasing the barrel and putting more weight in the handle players will love the balanced feel of this bat. For a player looking to put a smooth stroke on the ball and increase bat speed the Speed Series offers one of the most balanced bats in the industry. Taking weight out of the barrel will allow players to get the head of the bat through the zone more quickly, resulting in a higher swing speed. When they designed the Speed Series they had the line drive/contact hitter in mind.

The XL Series was constructed with the power hitter in mind. The XL Series will feature an extra long barrel and expanded hitting zone. Because the barrel is extended, this series will swing slightly end loaded. On the surface most players probably think bigger is better and an expanded hitting area can only result in more hits. That is not always true. Most players are not prepared for the difference in weight distribution and the extended barrel will sometimes result in reduced swing speeds. This bat is truly made for the power hitter.

So why did Easton do this? As I mentioned before they wanted to give the player a bat option that best fits their game. When you look at MLB players and the wood bats they swing you will see similar preferences. For example, Evan Longoria swings a traditional I13 model. The I13 model features a large barrel, medium taper, with a thin handle. With the large barrel and thin handle Longoria’s bat will act more like an Easton XL model. Longoria is one of the better power hitters in the league so he prefers more weight in the barrel. Now let’s look at Derek Jeter. Jeter swings a P72 turn. The P72 features a medium barrel, long taper, and thin handle. The extended taper and slightly smaller barrel on Jeter’s bat creates a much more balanced feel, similar to the Speed Series. It is more important for Jeter to get the bat through the zone quickly, which is why he turns to a more balanced bat. Both players are great hitters, but each has their own preference. It is these subtle differences in player preference that inspired Easton to create the Power Brigade.

So there you have it. You have been informed. Easton is taking it to a new level and helping give players an added advantage at the plate. Every player’s role on a team is different, and now they have a tool tailored to that role.

Be easy baseball!

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