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Downed Trees into Bats [w/ Full Interview]

Downed Trees into Bats

In August, a storm downed trees all over Mount Vernon, Iowa. But where others saw debris, 12-year-old Tommy Rhomberg saw an opportunity to pitch in by turning the fallen lumber into baseball bats. He initially made a bat for his friend’s birthday, but demand skyrocketed after his mom posted photos online. Tommy decided to sell the bats and donate a percentage to a disaster relief fund. 

Our CEO sat down with Tommy to raise awareness for his cause, but even more importantly, finally put to rest some of the world’s most pressing questions.

Q/A with Tommy

Q: The greatest basketball player of all time? Lebron James or Michael Jordan?

Tommy: Lebron. 

Q: Pepsi and Coca Cola… Are they ‘soda’ or are they ‘pop’?

Tommy: Pop.

Q: Is Batman a superhero?

Tommy: Yes.

Q: Are french fries a vegetable?

Tommy: *thinking…* Noooope.

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Tommy: Nope. (thank you!) 

Q: And lastly, any message you want to share with other people looking to do good?

Tommy: Don’t be afraid to be creative.

2020 was a wild year, but stories like Tommy’s show us that after every storm it’s how you react that’ll impact the world. Never stop being a kid and don’t be afraid to be creative!


If you are looking for ways to support Tommy and his cause, he and his family have asked that interested parties donate directly to the Derecho Disaster Recovery Fund. AND... if you want to join the waitlist to get a bat, go to

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