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2023 DeMarini Voodoo One Gold Bat Review

DeMarini Voodoo One Gold Review

One of the most talked about BBCOR baseball bat releases of the year is finally here. On September 21, 2022, DeMarini will release their 2023 DeMarini Voodoo One Gold BBCOR Bat. After being named one of the best BBCOR bats in 2022 by the Baseball Bat Bros, DeMarini is looking to continue its success as we head into the 2023 baseball season and beyond. To help you better understand the benefits of the Voodoo One, we’ve tasked our Bat Experts with a full breakdown of one of the most popular DeMarini baseball bats.


2023 DeMarini Voodoo One Gold Review

Before we dive in, if you have any additional questions that don't get answered or requests, our Bat Experts are standing by to help you in any way that they can. You can contact them via phone at 866-321-2287, email at, or click here to live chat. Now, let's get started.

2023 Voodoo One Gold vs. 2022 Voodoo One

Let’s kick things off with the burning question on everyone’s minds, what is the difference between the 2023 Voodoo One vs. the 2022 Voodoo One? 

Voodoo One Comparison

These two high-profile DeMarini BBCOR bats have captured the attention of hitters around the world. The X14 Alloy construction of the 2022 Voodoo One has returned in the 2023 model. As a result, you can expect the same impressive performance on contact that you’ve come to expect from DeMarini’s top one-piece baseball bat. The main improvement DeMarini implemented in their 2023 Voodoo One Gold release is the new Reinforced Knob. This new knob incorporates durable, composite materials to improve both handling and swing speeds. We anticipate swings of all shapes and sizes are going to really enjoy this creative new knob upgrade. 

The other (more noticeable) advantage the 2023 Voodoo One Gold holds on the 2022 Voodoo One is an eye-catching set of graphics. Pitchers are bound to take notice any time this bat steps into the box. Although it may not add any empirical benefits, the new design of the 2023 Voodoo One Gold is as intimidating as any bat we’ve ever seen released.


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How much does the DeMarini Voodoo One Gold cost?

The DeMarini Voodoo One Gold will cost $349.95. We recommend you purchase the Voodoo One Gold from JustBats, where every order comes standard with free, fast shipping, and you are given the opportunity to add a 30-day, risk-free bat tryout through our Bat Assurance Program to your purchase at checkout.

Bat Assurance Program

2023 DeMarini Voodoo One Gold Bat Features:

  • One-Piece Alloy Construction
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • X14 Alloy - Improves Balance, Swing Speeds, & Durability
  • Eye-Catching Gold & Black Colorway
  • Lightweight Tracer End Cap
  • Reinforced Knob - Composite Materials Promote Faster Swings
  • 12-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty when purchased from JustBats
  • One of the Best 2023 BBCOR Bats

Baseball Bat Bros Review

The Baseball Bat Bros are the most popular bat influencers on the planet. Will and his team of talented hitters provide thorough bat reviews of the game’s most popular baseball bats. Recently, the Baseball Bat Bros released their bat review on the DeMarini Voodoo One Gold. Watch the following video to learn their thoughts on DeMarini’s latest release.

Voodoo One Durability Issues

Given the popularity of the DeMarini Voodoo and Voodoo Ones, we received an extensive amount of reviews on our website. Included in those bat reviews were a myriad of comments regarding durability issues. DeMarini has addressed these issues with their release of the 2023 Voodoo One Gold. Early feedback on the new composite knob and matte black end caps are positive and appear to have put these issues in the past. Note: Any purchase of a new bat through JustBats will come standard with a full manufacturer’s warranty, protecting your bat from any performance-altering defects that may occur.

We hope you enjoyed this review of the 2023 DeMarini Voodoo One Gold. Be sure to bookmark this page because we will continue updating it as more information is made available. We will be adding verified bat reviews as we receive them directly from our customers. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact our team of Bat Experts. Give us a call at 866-321-2287, email, or click here to live chat. We’re JustBats and we’re with you from Click to Hit!

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