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DeMarini Pro Maple Wood Bats

DeMarini Pro Maple Wood Bats



DeMarini has built a reputation for producing great bats for great players. Now you can swing a professional grade, one-piece wood bat from DeMarini’s Pro Maple Series.

Made from only the highest quality select Maple stock, this bat will have that perfect stiff feel for optimum energy transfer and long-lasting durability. To further increase durability, DeMarini has hand-finished the Maple to seal the grain. All four models in the series are ink dot tested to show the pro level quality of the Maple grain.

The Pro Maple Series has turn models catered specifically toward your style of play. The DX248 has a medium knob, with a thin handle that has a medium taper to a smaller barrel. The 248 has a non-cupped end and a balanced feel, making it a great option for contact hitters who are looking to increase control and bat speed.

The DX348 has a medium knob and handle for comfort. The medium handle tapers evenly to the long barrel for a massive, ultra-responsive sweet spot. The 348 is non-cupped and has a slightly end loaded swing weight, making it a great option for power hitters. Both of these turn models come in a black and natural finish options and have a -3 length to weight ratio. They are BBCOR certified, making them legal for high school and collegiate play.

Do you have questions about which DeMarini Pro Maple is right for you? Questions about any of our other models? Contact our friendly bat experts at 866-321-2287, or via Live Chat or email at


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