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DeMarini Custom Bats Review

demarini custom bats review

From humble beginnings in 1989, DeMarini has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of baseball bats and softball bats. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to player performance, DeMarini has become a trusted name among athletes at all levels. Now, they offer a game-changing option for players seeking the ultimate personalized experience: DeMarini Custom Bats.

In this article, the Bat Experts at JustBats dig into the features and options of the DeMarini custom bats, analyze their performance and durability, examine pricing and the ordering process, and delve into the realm of customer satisfaction and reviews. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a young player looking to take your game to the next level, join us as we unravel the unparalleled quality and performance that DeMarini Custom Bats bring to the plate.


DeMarini Custom Bats 

Before we get into the details of the review, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how DeMarini creates its custom bats. 

Which DeMarini Bats Can I Customize? 

According to the DeMarini website, “The DeMarini Custom Builder is your go-to destination for custom baseball bats and custom softball bats. Design and personalize your very own custom baseball bats, including the most recent The Goods, Voodoo One, and CF models. Craft custom BBCOR baseball bats like Zoa and The Goods One Piece, or design custom USSSA baseball bats and take the batter’s box by storm. Elite softball players can also design custom fastpitch bats, including the game-changing CF, the same bat trusted by the world’s best hitters in the college and professional ranks.”

DeMarini custom baseball bats and DeMarini custom softball bats allow you to choose everything from the barrel and decal colors to personalized text and numbers on the barrel and even the end cap. It's not only fun to create, it's eye-opening to unwrap. Making them the perfect Christmas or birthday present for any baseball or softball player!

Five Reasons You Should Customize Your Next DeMarini Bat

  1. Custom is always in stock. Popular DeMarini bats like the Voodoo are in high demand and can be tough to track down, but it’s always available on the DeMarini custom builder. For just $50 more, you can make the Voodoo One of your dreams with dozens of colors and the option for personalized text. Once completed, DeMarini will ship your bat from Oregon to your doorstep in 4-6 weeks.
  2. Personalization options. DeMarini Custom Bats provides a wealth of features and options to satisfy players' customization desires. Take, for instance, their tried and true CF model. With the custom bat program, you can choose the color of the barrel, grip thickness, barrel diameter, and even weight distribution. Imagine having a bat perfectly suited to your preferences, like a slightly end-loaded barrel for added power or a balanced design for better control.
  3. Performance and Durability. DeMarini Custom Bats are designed to elevate your performance on the field. The Voodoo One model, for example, incorporates advanced technologies such as X14 Alloy and ReACTION End Cap for increased bat speed and enhanced energy transfer. Players report improved swing mechanics and increased power, resulting in longer hits and greater overall performance. Moreover, these bats are engineered with durability in mind, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of the game season after season.
  4. Pricing and ordering process. While customizing a bat may seem like a luxury, DeMarini offers competitive pricing for their custom bats. For example, the cost of a DeMarini Custom Bat may be slightly higher than their off-the-shelf models, but the added value of tailored performance justifies the investment. Ordering a custom bat is a seamless process through DeMarini's website, where you can select your desired specifications and see the price update in real time. Plus, DeMarini occasionally provides special offers and discounts for custom bat orders, making them even more accessible.
  5. Designed and built in the USA. Did you know that DeMarini’s headquarters is based in Hillsboro, OR? Every single DeMarini custom bat is designed by you and built by hand in the United States. What more could you ask for?

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews 

We no longer offer the DeMarini custom bats at JustBats, they were extremely popular and highly-rated when we did. Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect when considering any product, and DeMarini Custom Bats delivers on this front. Numerous players have expressed their delight with these bats, praising the noticeable improvements in their hitting performance. From increased bat control to optimized power output, the positive reviews are a testament to the impact of customized bats. While there may be occasional concerns regarding delivery timelines or minor grip preferences, the overall satisfaction and positive experiences far outweigh any drawbacks. But don’t take our word for it; here’s a 5-star review from a happy JustBats customer:

Pros: It arrived just how I made it, and it is even better than I thought it would be.

Cons: Mine took about four and a half weeks to arrive after I ordered it, but it is so worth the wait.

DeMarini Custom Bats provides a game-changing experience for baseball players seeking personalized performance. The range of features, enhanced performance, competitive pricing, and high customer satisfaction make them a top choice in the market.  Take control of your performance today and design your own DeMarini Custom Bat.

Do you have any additional questions about the DeMarini custom bats? Our Bat Experts are standing by to help answer any questions you may have. You can call or text 866-321-2287, email, or click here to live chat. We’re JustBats, and we’ll be here for you from Click To Hit!


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