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Composite Bat Questions Answered

Composite Bat Questions Answered

Composite bats continue to be popular at all age and talent levels. JustBats receives a number of daily questions regarding proper care, break-in methods, etc. about composite bats, so we wanted to provide answers to the most frequent:

What is a composite bat made of?
Composite bats are made of carbon, glass or Kevlar fibers embedded in a plastic resin.

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Do I need to break in a composite bat?

Yes. As a general rule of thumb, composite bats need to be broken in before they reach their full potential. However, there are a few bat manufacturers that are using composite technology that doesn’t require a break-in period. Be sure to ask a JustBats representative for full details about each composite bat.


How do I break in a composite bat?

Breaking in a composite bat is easy and fun. It may take anywhere between 150 and 200 swings for the composite material to break down and reach it’s full potential. Play soft toss with real baseballs or hit them off of a tee, rotating the barrel ¼” after each swing to ensure complete barrel coverage. Start your swing speed at 50% power and slowly work your way up to full power by the end of the process. Once this break-in process is complete, the composite bat will be game ready.

Can I roll or shave my composite bat to break it in?

While these are two methods of altering composite materials and making them livelier, they are considered illegal methods of alteration by all major baseball and softball organizations and are not recommended by JustBats. Rolling, shaving or tampering with your bat in any way will automatically void a manufacturer’s warranty. And if detected by an umpire, players may be subject to ejection from the game or even a lengthy suspension from the league.

Can I use a composite bat in cold weather?

It is not recommended to use ANY bat, regardless of the materials it is made from, in temperatures below 60 degrees. In lower temperatures, baseballs and softballs become more dense and the flexibility of a bat's barrel walls decreases. This combination can lead to a reduction in performance but also an increased chance of damanging your bat.

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Why do composite bats cost more than alloy or wood bats?

The materials and labor involved in producing a composite bat drive the cost. It’s more expensive to produce a composite bat than an alloy or wood, hence the higher price.

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