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Beware of the Black

Beware of the Black

This week Marucci added a new bat to their lineup. The Marucci Black is the first two piece bat in the Marucci line. So what makes the Black so special?

The extended barrel length results in a large sweet spot and an increased trampoline effect. The balanced weight distribution and reduced M.O.I. gives the bat a lighter swing weight for increased swing velocity. The patented two-piece construction and anti-vibration knob work together to minimize negative vibration and maximize confidence and power at the plate. The Ultra responsive AZ3000 alloy barrel provides the industry best combination of performance and durability.

In addition to the extended barrel, the Black is engineered with Big League Balance in mind. In fact, its swing weight is modeled after some of the most popular Marucci professional wood models. This means players can rest easy, because the Black’s extended barrel will not result in reduced swing speed like they have seen in competitors’ designs.



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