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5 Best Wiffle Ball Bats In 2024

Best Wiffle Ball Bats

Our name is not JustBaseballBats or JustSoftballBats, nope, we are JustBats. Which means, we need to give due attention to some of the lesser known bats in the world. Today, we are taking an expert perspective into the best wiffle ball bats on the planet. We’ll dive into some basic concepts of wiffle ball, the differences between wiffle ball and blitzball, and then we will conclude with a deeper look into the best wiffle ball bats available. If you are interested in learning more about wiffle ball bats, you’ve landed at the right place.

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What Type of Bat Do You Use for Wiffle Ball?

According to, all wiffle ball bats must be regulation plastic bats. They may not be altered in any way, however, they can have one layer of plastic tape on the handle. For the purpose of finding you the best wiffle ball bats available, we have included all types of bats (including those with alterations.)

Which Wiffle Bat Has The Most Pop? 

While it is a common belief that wiffle ball bats don’t offer a noticeable advantage over one another, this perception has been refuted by wiffle ball players and wiffle ball bat manufacturers over the years. The wiffle ball bat that we have found to offer hitters the most pop is actually a Blitzball Bat. This balanced, durable one-piece bat was impressive to say the least. The main benefit is the size of the barrel. With over twice as much surface area, the blitzball bat gives hitters a noticeable advantage at the dish. Conveniently enough, that takes us right into our next topic…

Main Differences Between Wiffle Ball and Blitzball

Wiffle balls and blitzballs differ in a couple of ways. A blitzball (1 oz.) is heavier than a wiffle ball (.66 oz), designed to travel further and can be thrown with more curve. Both, when manipulated correctly, can create ridiculous pitches. However, it is the distance off the bat where the blitzball really shines in comparison. A blitzball can travel twice as far as a wiffle ball. The weight difference is a big factor in allowing the blitzball to soar. Think about it this way. If someone handed you a paper wad and a baseball, which would you be able to throw further? 

Best Wiffle Ball Bats

  1. AXE Hyperstick Backyard Bat
  2. Blitzball Power Bat
  3. Easton Pro Stix Bat
  4. Louisville Slugger Replica Bat
  5. GTSOH Superior Bat

AXE Hyperstick Bat

[Weight: 9 oz | Length: 34 in]

The bat that is lighting wiffle ball on fire. The new AXE Hyperstick Backyard Bat is a lightweight plastic design intended to provided tons of control and great feel on contact. The AXE handle enables hitters to swing with "palm-up/palm-down" for better barrel control to make optimal contact. If you need a new wiffle bat, you've gotta checkout AXE.

Blitzball Power Bat

Blitzball Bat

[Weight: 10.58 oz | Length: 33 in]

We’ve already talked a little about the Blitzball Power Bat. It’s one of the biggest barrels on the market with a nice balance to produce fast swing speeds. The response on contact is better with a blitzball, but is still quite impressive when used with wiffle balls as well.

Easton Pro Stix Bat

[Weight: 10.86 oz | Length: 34 in]

Did you know that Easton makes wiffle bats? They do, and they are pretty awesome. The Pro Stix from Easton gives players the maximum zone coverage and a black colorway add a bit of flair to your swing. The best part about it is that you can pick up this great wiffle ball bat for less than $20.

Louisville Slugger Replica Bat

[Weight: 10.37 oz | Length: 34 in]

Much like the previous Easton, we see another familiar bat brand making waves in the wiffle ball space. This Louisville Slugger replica is the lightest of the bats on our list, but it still can pack a punch in the box. The coolest part about this bat is the flashy colorway that adds to the excitement when you hit a home run.

GTSOH Superior Bat

[Weight: 11.29 oz | Length: 34 in]

Doesn’t the name say it all here? The Superior Bat from GTSOH has a unique (and powerful) design. The plastic barrel is a wiffle mainstay. But it's the wooden handle that makes this bat shine. The control is great, and you can hold/swing it like you would any baseball bat.   

[Bonus] Basic Wiffle Ball Bat

[Weight: 11.99 oz | Length: 32 in]

The heaviest of the bats on this list, the Basic Wiffle Ball Bat is also the shortest bat. It sports the smallest barrel, which is barely larger than its handle, but when you square it up… Watch out! 

That’s our list of the best wiffle ball bats. And while we may not sell wiffle ball bats, our Bat Experts are standing by to answer any questions you may have. They’re friendly and would love to help you find your next baseball bat or softball bat. Call us at 866-321-2287, email at, or click here to live chat. We’re JustBats, and we’re with you from Click To Hit!


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