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Best Pitching Gear For This Season

best pitching gear

Looking to strike out more batters? If you're a competitive pitcher, you know that every bit of command, power, and speed counts. That's why picking the right pitching gear is crucial to your performance on the mount. In this article, the Bat Experts at JustBats cover the best pitching tools that you need to improve your pitching command, unlock more power, and unleash more velocity the next time you take the mound. Let's begin.


3 Pitching Tools You Need This Season

1. The No Hitter 9 Hole Pitching Net

The No Hitter 9 Hole Pitching Net

Great pitching starts with command. It doesn’t matter how hard and fast you throw - if you can’t throw consistent strikes, all your training was for nothing. If all you throw are balls, batters will figure you out and walk. But, for the first time ever, you can work on your pitching command anywhere, anytime, with a 9-hole pitching net. A simple yet effective tool, a 9-hole pitching net will help you improve your pitching command by providing instant pitch location feedback. Our favorite 9-hole pitching net is the No Hitter Net from Anytime Baseball Supply.

What coaches and players love most about the No Hitter Net is the fact that it only catches strikes. If you throw a strike, the No Hitter Net will catch it in one of its 9 pockets. Throwing balls? You’re going to know when you’re picking that ball up off the ground. Pitching control and command are the foundation of any great pitcher's skills. Start improving your command and paint the corners like a pro with a No Hitter 9 hole pitching net today!

2. King of the Hill Leg Drive Trainer

King Of The Hill Pitching Leg Drive Trainer

Want to unlock more power? Your body contains more power than you know, and with the right tools, tapping into that power is easier than ever.
If you're looking to increase your velocity and maintain a healthy arm, The King of the Hill leg drive trainer can help. This training tool focuses on developing a directional force starting from the ground that moves up through your body, reducing stress on your arm and leading to more
efficient pitching.

When using this tool, you'll receive tactile feedback instead of verbal commands or visual aids. You'll feel the force toward home plate and receive immediate audible feedback when executed correctly, helping you develop a directional force that transfers throughout your body. Start using your entire body while keeping your throwing arm healthy with the King of the Hill leg drive trainer today! 

3. Plyo Balls

There’s a reason we put ply balls last on this list. For one, pitching command is more important. And two, plyo balls are a more well-known and common pitching tool. But in our opinion, they are underrated and underused. Here’s why we love them.

Price point

Plyo balls for baseball are relatively inexpensive and very accessible for any athlete, making them a great option for pitchers of all levels of play. Even professionals use them!

How to use plyo balls

Plyo balls are commonly used for arm strengthening and conditioning, but their actual purpose is to help athletes adapt to better movement patterns. Training with overload and underload balls can lead to improved movement patterns and stronger arms.

Plyo ball "drills" are restraint-based and can be used as a warm-up before throwing. Using different weighted balls can also improve feel and command, as athletes need to program release points for each throw. The workload should be managed around game days and bullpens to ensure healthy development. These weighted balls are not a magical solution, but when used properly, they can have a positive impact on throwing velocity and the overall condition of an athlete's arm.


When considering purchasing pitching gear, think about it like this. What department am I lacking in? Is it command? Is it power? Or velocity?
When you understand exactly how you need to improve your game, you know what type of product you need. And when you know where you need to improve, refer to this article for the best recommendations. 

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