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The 5 Best Marucci Bats For 2024

Best Marucci Bats

With the baseball and softball seasons already underway, we have started to get flooded with bat feedback from players around the country. We love hearing all of the latest bat reviews for USSSA, USA, BBCOR, and fastpitch bats. Because as much homework and research as we do during the offseason, feedback from players and coaches is the truest form of bat reviews. To help you shop for your next bat, we are translating these reviews into a list of the best bats for 2024. Today, we are focusing our attention on Marucci bats in particular. The following is a thorough list of the best Marucci bats to swing this season. If you are interested in shopping for any of these bats, click on the bat links to checkout at JustBats today!

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Best Marucci BBCOR Bat - Marucci CATX

There is no better way to start off this list of the best bats to swing in 2024 than with the uber-popular Marucci CATX. One of the hottest bats on the market totes a highly-responsive aluminum alloy barrel alongside innovative anti-vibration handle technology. The traditional CATX boasts an eye-catching red and white colorway. One of the best attributes of the CATX is its accessibility to all players. Every CATX is built with a balanced swing weight that enables any style of hitter to take full advantage of the latest edition of the storied CAT lineup. Furthermore, the CATX is available in multiple sizes, including USSSA and BBCOR approved options.

CATX Bat Reviews ★★★★★

PROS: Super balanced and amazing pop... definitely better than the past Marucci BBCOR's.. 

CONS: I'd like to be able to customize the bat with more options from the factory..., colors, graphics, etc.., that said, it's made to hit.., not model..!

PROS:Swing weight is perfect. Great pop. Nice taper to the grip. Feels incredible. Best BBCOR bat on the market in my opinion right now.

CONS: None


Best Marucci USSSA Bat - Marucci CATX Composite

The Marucci CATX Composite is one of the top Bat Bros picks for 2024. Besides a somewhat steep price tag, the CATX Composite delivers in every imaginable way. The massive composite barrel offers an expansive sweet spot that is harder to miss than it is to hit. As a result of squaring the ball up (more often than not) hitters continue to rave about the feel on contact. Couple this with an easy-to-swing balanced design, and you’ll be able to make quality contact against both fastballs and offspeed pitches. The area where the CATX Composite seems to really shine is at the youth level. Players and parents have hinted at the notion that the CATX Composite USSSA is the hottest USSSA bat in 2024. It’s got pop, balance, and comfort. What more could you want?

CAT9 Composite Bat Reviews ★★★★★

PROS: The bat feels great in your hands, good for a guy who wants a balanced swing feel. Also hitting the ball extremely hard, once you have broken it in. This is a great bat.

CONS: Might sting your hands on mis hits, but once you have it broken in, it hammers.

PROS: Might be Marucci’s best bat ever. This bat has tons and pop. It has come a long ways since the last cat composite. Highly recommend  

CONS: None


Best Marucci Fastpitch Bat - Marucci Echo DMND

This one is for the girls. The Marucci Echo is among the best fastpitch softball bats in 2024.

The Echo DMND sports a fully composite design and balanced swing weight. Both of these features are common for fastpitch bats, but where the Echo really stands out from the competition is in the BOOM you’ll hear on contact. The MDX MAX composite barrel is hot, loud, and game-ready straight from the wrapper.

Echo DMND Bat Reviews ★★★★★

“She liked the look of this bat instantly but once she started swinging it I think she forgot about her old bat! She said there is zero vibration, great balance ( -10) and I can say she obliterated several balls in the cage with this. She’s a power lefty and this bat is her new favorite as a power hitter! We can’t wait to see what she does with this at her next tournament!


Best for Value - Marucci F5

If you are looking for a quality baseball bat for around $100, you have to look into the Marucci F5. While the F5 doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as you’ll find on the CAT and Posey models, the performance is still on par with Marucci’s best. The F5 gives players a traditional one-piece aluminum alloy design that provides additional power feedback on contact and stiffness.


Best Marucci Wood Bat - Marucci Buster Posey Maple Wood

Marucci Buster Posey Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MVE2POSEY28-WW

If your goal is to make it to the big leagues, why not use the same bats swung by big-league players? This Buster Posey model maple wood bat from Marucci is similar to a 243 turn wood bat. This means it’ll sport a big barrel, thin handle, and a deep barrel cup. The deep cupping feature removes weight from the end of the bat, creating only a slightly end-loaded swing weight. This Posey model is easily one of the best wood bats in 2024 and the bone-rubbed finish creates tighter grains for a more durable wood bat.

Buster Posey Maple Wood Bat Reviews ★★★★★

PROS: Great feel, in batting practice I had hit three balls over the fence, all the others were very close. I would say the weight is a con, but it almost helps when swinging with the extra weight behind it. Very great bat, I plan on buying another as a spare.  

CONS: 0%

PROS: Very comparable to Marucci aluminum bat he normally uses, which is what he wanted for wood bat tournaments. Slightly more end loaded, but still good swing balance and really drove the ball during first scrimmage. 

CONS: Would've taken too long to order the custom version of this bat.


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