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The Best Fungo Bats for Coaches & Parents In 2024

best fungo bats for baseball and softball

More fun(go) than a barrel of monkeys, right?

You’ve likely seen them before. The long, skinny, funny-looking bats used by coaches to hit pregame to their teams. These coach-centric practice bats are commonly known as fungo bats. The fungo bat is one of the most valuable tools for a baseball coach, softball coach, or even a parent. If you are tasked with hitting ground balls to an infielder or pop flies to an outfielder, our Bat Experts highly recommend you invest in a brand-new fungo bat from JustBats.


What Is The Benefit Of A Fungo Bat? 

If you are unfamiliar, here is a quick list of advantages a fungo can provide:

  • Lighter weight distribution for less energy drain
  • Skinnier barrel diameter for improved bat control
  • Longer barrel profile for a larger area to make contact
  • Lower price point compared to other popular bats on the market

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As always, if you have any questions regarding a fungo bat, please feel free to reach out to our team of Bat Experts. You can click here to live chat, email, or give us a ring at 866-321-2287. Now, let's dive in and see which fungo bats you should be swinging. 

Best Fungo Bats

This list is based on fungo bats that have garnered praise from coaches, parents, and customers. We've collected feedback, read reviews, and had hundreds of hours of conversations about which fungo bats are the best. Here they are:

Brett Bros Maple Wood Fungo Bats

Brett Bros Fungo Bats

This colorful collection of premium fungo bats is the perfect gift idea for the coach in your life. Each bat is made from rugged maple wood which enables the bats to be swung season after season without breaking down. The barrel control is nearly perfect and the coaches have raved to us about the ease at which each of these bats swings with. If you are looking for a top fungo bat under $100, the Brett Bros Maple Wood Fungos are an excellent option. But don’t just take our word for it…

Brett Bros Maple Wood Fungo Reviews

Pros: “Great bat. I coach two teams and do a LOT of infield practice and plenty of outfielding. This bat makes me look good. The ball goes where I want it, as hard as I want it. Whether it be hard grounders or big flies -- All day long without getting tired. Brett Brother's bats Rock - Fantastic design.”

Cons: “Should have bought it last season…”

Pros: “Just got the bat yesterday. Finish looks great. Used it for infield last night. Felt great. Everybody loved the look.“

Cons: “None so far.”


Mizuno Fungo Bats

If you are in the market for a new infield or outfield fungo, Mizuno’s current collection is one of the best. We typically recommend a shorter fungo for coaches that are primarily hitting infield practice and a longer fungo for those that often hit outfield practice. The beauty of Mizuno’s collection is that they offer highly-quality fungo bats in a variety of lengths and sizes. Their hybrid wood designs hold up well to the expected wear-and-tear of the season while the lightweight profile allows coaches to maintain their stamina throughout practice. We fully endorse the entire line of Mizuno Fungo Bats and even offer free shipping on any fungo purchase made at JustBats.

Mizuno Hybrid Wood Fungo Features

  • Colorway Options: Black, Navy, Orange, Red, & Royal
  • Lightweight Design
  • Uncupped Barrel End
  • Perfect for Coaches Hitting Outfield Practice

Marucci Coaches 35" Aluminum Fungo Baseball Bat (MTRBFA)

Marucci Coaches 35

Some coaches and parents prefer the feel of aluminum fungo bats. For the metal crowd, we’d like to recommend the Marucci Coaches 35” Fungo. Sporting an ultra-lightweight drop -13 construction, the Marucci Coaches Fungo delivers easy performance on every swing. While it is intended to be used for infield ground balls, it has enough pop to comfortably hit fly balls to all parts of the outfield, as well. Lastly, Marucci has incorporated their AV2 (anti-vibration) knob into the construction to protect your hands from vibrations on misshits and cold days.

Marucci Coaches 35” Aluminum Fungo Reviews

Pros: “Excellent fungo! Plenty of pop. Great vibration reduction in the handle.”

Cons: “None”

Pros: “Great all-around fungo. Lightweight. Great pop.”

Cons: “[The] grip can become slippery with sweat.”

Louisville Slugger K100 36" Ash Wood Fungo Baseball Bat (WTLWBFN100-NA)

Louisville Slugger K100 36You can't talk about fungo bats without mentioning Louisville Slugger. Louisville Slugger fungo bats are not only one of the most affordable options, but consistently one of the highest-rated. This 36-inch ash wood design is great for hitting to both infielders and outfielders. There's no doubt that this fungo can withstand long, grueling practices. Other key features include:

  • While the weight is variable, this is one of the heaviest fungo bats on the market
  • Uncupped barrel end
  • Slightly flared knob

Louisville Slugger 36" Fungo Bat Reviews

Pros: This bat is great for hitting long balls to do outfield practice. If your infielders are deep, then this bat would work great for hitting hard ground balls.

Cons: Despite its length, this bat is a bit heavy for hitting short ground balls. You have to choke up quite a bit if you want to control your power to the infield. For older players, there is no problem swinging hard. However, bear in mind that for your younger players, you have to swing with caution.

Easton 35" Aluminum Fungo Baseball Bat (F4)

Easton 35

The last one on the list is arguably the most popular fungo baseball bat in the world. Coaches love swinging this 35” aluminum fungo from Easton. Much like the other fungo bats already mentioned, this Easton model delivers effortless pop from a lightweight design. The aluminum alloy materials require no break-in and the extended profile of the barrel enables coaches to square up the ball (even on their worst tosses). Ever since we’ve started offering the Easton 35” Aluminum Fungo (F4), it’s been difficult to even keep up with the demand. And for less than $100, this is one of the best deals on fungos you will find.

Easton 35” Aluminum Fungo Reviews

Pros: “Lightweight and very durable. Wasn't sure what to expect over the wood models but very pleased. It has gotten quite the workout the last week since we got it and it does very well. Has great pop and range with little effort. I use it for our 12-15 yr old travel team.”

Cons: “Nothing negative so far.”


We hope this list of the Best Fungos Bats for Coach and Parents helped you make your next bat decision. If you are still on the fence, give us a call at 866-231-2287, email, or LIVE CHAT with a Bat Expert now. We’re JustBats and we’re with you from Click to Hit!

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