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The 6 Best Bat Tricks of All Time

The intended purpose of baseball and softball bats is widely accepted to be simply a tool to hit with. But what if we told you that you could do more with your bat? In fact, you can impress your teammates without ever swinging your bat. We are talking about bat tricks. A skill that provides absolutely nothing to your game other than the air of confidence. A seamless dance between a hitter and their bat that is sure to leave you asking yourself, ‘how did they do that!?’

These are our choice for the best bat tricks ever recorded. Let's dive in.

1. Josh Womack | Bat Trick Pioneer

One of the first players to ever document the mid-swing 360 bat flip, Josh Womack puts his fluid hands on full display prior to a Long Beach Armada game. People had questioned the validity of his original video back in 2008 (now unavailable on Youtube,) but Josh put all doubts to rest as he performed a couple of his jaw-droppingly quick bat tricks publicly, with a film crew on hand to capture them all. Don’t blink or you’ll probably miss them.

2. The Samurai Sword Bat Flip

At number 2, Mr. Womack’s 360 goes another step further. After showing off his skills with the bat he hits a laser and tops it off with one of the smoothest bat flips you’ll ever see. Referred to as the Samurai Sword Bat Flip, it’s clean, fun, and has that tinge of cockiness that every bat flip needs.

3. Marissa Ariaga | The Cedar Hill Legend

In an attempt to hype the attention she was getting as a softball player, Marissa Ariaga decided to take things into her own hands. Or should we say feet? This dazzling artistic display of coordination and rhythm might be the best trick on the list. If anything, you’re going to have to re-watch it multiple times.

4. Jake Parent | ‘Lil Backyard Entertainment

Minor leaguer Jake Parent was drafted out of Creighton in 2014 in the 7th round by the Chicago White Sox. Less than a year later a video surfaced of his effortless bat tricks in a backyard cage. None of his tricks are flashy but the ease in which he completes each skill makes it all the more impressive. Here’s to hoping Jake makes it to The Show and gives the baseball world an updated version.

5. Japanese High School Legend

Ok, so maybe this isn’t so much of a bat trick as it is an energy-filled batting routine but we had to find a way to get this on the list. For context, this is a high school baseball game in Japan with a sizable crowd and a full-on band covering Queen during the at-bat. Now take a moment to appreciate the energy he brings between every pitch. 10 out of 10… Incredible! If you’re looking for more, this is another video we were able to track down.

6. Johnny Burke | The Bat Trick Guy

Shot at Yankee Stadium with MLB outfielder, Nick Castellanos, Johnny Burke shows off a few of his top bat tricks. The first couple are easy to try and acclimate Castellanos into the art, but the end is where ‘Bercules’ puts it all together, topping it off with a mesmerizing foot-flip soft toss for Castellanos to send deep into the Bronx bleachers. And if you’re looking to master a few of the best bat tricks, we highly recommend that you check out Johnny “The Bat Trick Guy” Burke (@Bercules88) on Instagram.

Did we leave one of your favorites off this list? We realize that these bat tricks are not a list of everything out there, but it's a great start. If you have a video of you performing an awesome trick with your bat, send it to our bat experts via email at or tag us on social media with the hashtag #ClickToHit. We look forward to seeing more and can't wait to see all the bat tricks you have to offer. 

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