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Best Baseball YouTube Channels

Best Baseball YouTube Channels


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google. With over 100 hours of video uploaded every single minute, there is no better place to hunt for baseball news, highlights, and other interesting tidbits.

With that said, has searched the depths of YouTube, surveyed industry leaders, and read forums on the internet to create the ultimate list of the best baseball YouTube channels.  In order to be eligible for this list, a channel must publish consistently, provide unique content, and have an engaged audience that raves about the videos being put out. Subscriber count, video views, and total uploads were also taken into consideration when building the best baseball YouTube channel list. 

Best Baseball Twitter Accounts


Most popular video: 

"Young fan gives decoy ball to a pretty lady"

You can expect anywhere from 1-10 videos a day during the MLB regular season. Everything from post-game interviews to walk-off homeruns to no-hitters are highlighted on the official YouTube channel of

The BP Hero

Most popular video:

"Top 5 ASA bats of 2016"

Bat reviews, game film, and podcasts about the superior sport of slow pitch softball. Are you looking for the hottest slow pitch softball bats? There's a good chance that the BP Hero has created a video that includes batting practice, compression testing, and overall thoughts about the latest models. 

Domingo Ayala

Most popular video:

"How to Hit a Home Run with Domingo Ayala"


Born in the Dominican Republic, Domingo Ayala uses his national heritage and humor to create one of the most comical baseball themed YouTube channels in the world. Keep in mind that some videos may be NSFW, but they're all good for a few laughs. 


Most popular video:

"3 Pitching Grips - How to throw the Sinker, Slider, and Forkball"

Baseball tips and tricks from the pros. John Madden, a former player for the San Diego Padres and New York Mets, shares his experiences and hopes to help the next generation fulfill their dreams of making it to the big leagues. Subscribe for pitching tips, hitting tips, and drills for both infield and outfield players. 

Made The Cut

Most popular video:

"MLB Worst Fans EVER"

An up-and-coming YouTuber who has a serious love for Major League Baseball. Prospect videos, highlights, and anything else that pertains to baseball is uploaded on a regular basis. Some of the more unique videos include MLB One In a Million Plays, MLB Players With The Best Attitudes, and MLB Most Muscular Players

Ultimate Baseball Training

Most popular video:

"2 Drills to Throw Harder - Baseball Throwing Drills!"


With new videos each week, you can expect content that will coach you on how to become a better ball player. As a leader in baseball training, they're here to maximize your potential on the field, increase your average in the box, and help your chances of playing at the next level. 

Zack Hample

Most popular video: 

"Catching my 9,000th baseball at Chase Field"


Zack's claim to fame is that he has snagged more baseballs in the stands at major league stadiums across the nation than anyone else in the history of the game. With a massive subscriber count, it's apparent that people love what he's sharing and want to know the secrets of the "Sultan of Snag."


Most popular video: 



While DMHIGHLIGHTS's About section states that they produce highlight videos for all major sports, there is a heavy emphasis on Major League Baseball. At times, there are gaps between published videos, but during the MLB regular season you can expect one to two a week. 

Antonelli Baseball

Most popular video: 

"Derek Jeter Fielding Mechanics"

Matt Antonelli is a former Division 1 college coach, 1st round pick, and MLB player who wants nothing more than to teach you the fundamentals of America's pastime. His dedication to helping players of all ages reach their full potential is admirable and you can see that through each and every one of his YouTube videos. 


Most popular video: 

"Glove Guru Aso: How To Break In A Baseball Glove"
has the largest online glove selection with free shipping every day. Glove reviews and how-tos make up a majority of this YouTube feed. So, if you're a glove lover who wants to see the newest releases and most popular baseball gloves and softball gloves, hit that subscribe button. 


Where ballplayers shop for baseball bats and softball bats. We may be a bit biased, but this baseball-themed YouTube channel is our favorite. Bat reviews, customer videos, and buying guides are uploaded almost daily so that you can stay in the loop about the best bats in the business. 

What do you think? Did we leave your favorite YouTube channel out? If yes, leave a comment below telling us who you subscribe to and why. This list will be updated regularly as new and old baseball-themed YouTube channels come about. As always, if you have any baseball bat or softball bat-related questions, please give our Bat Experts a call at 866-321-2287, shoot them an email at, or you can click here to live chat. Remember, with our customer service, we'll be here for you from click to hit!

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