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10+ Best Baseball Bats In 2023 | BBCOR, Youth, & More

best baseball bats

To help you prepare for the season, we have compiled a list of the best baseball bats for 2023. Everything from BBCOR, USA Baseball, USSSA Baseball, and wood baseball bats are covered in more detail below. But, before we get into the list of the best baseball bats for 2023, here are some recommended reads that provide a more detail-oriented list by category in the game today:

We do need to emphasize that not every bat is designed for every hitter. Every player has their own personal preference. So, if you need any additional help or guidance, our Bat Experts are standing by to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.  Or, if you are looking to learn more about the pros and cons of different bat constructions and how to shop accordingly, we recommend that you take a few minutes to check out our Bat Resource Guide or test out our Bat Coach.

Best Baseball Bats 2023

As we look at the best baseball bats for 2023, it's hard not to get excited. Every year, bat engineers continue to advance the performance, optimize bat swing weights, and improve the durability of each model. The results are quite impressive for hitters around the nation. We are looking at models like the Easton Hype ADV, Marucci CATX, and Louisville Slugger Meta are among the hottest baseball bats ever created. Now, let's dive in.

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Best Youth Baseball Bats In 2023

Whether you are shopping for the best tee ball bat or just looking to upgrade your USA or USSSA bat for next season, you've landed at the right place. We pride ourselves on providing thorough bat information that is easy to digest. We'll discuss the newest features, the general expectations, and what type of player would benefit the most from each youth bat. 

Keep in mind that USA baseball bats and USSSA baseball bats are noticeably different. By rule, USA bats have a much lower performance threshold than USSSA bats. They tend to hit more like a traditional wood bat, while USSSA bats provide elite levels of pop comparable to that of the old BESR bats from the early 2000s.

[Tip: When given a choice, always swing a USSSA baseball bat. USSSA bats are the highest-performing bats in baseball.]

The following top youth bats are in no particular order. If you have any questions while shopping for a new youth bat, please contact the JustBats team of Bat Experts.

Best 2023 USA Bats

2023 Axe Strato -10 USA Baseball Bat (L185K)

2023 Axe Strato USA Baseball

In 2023, the Axe Strato (USA) baseball bat is a favorite among hitters. Its swing weight is balanced, making it effortless for young hitters to control the barrel through the hitting zone. However, the real excitement starts when hitters make contact with the baseball. The Strato's high-performance alloy barrel holds nothing back on any swing. The Strato's Armour Enhanced Alloy barrel is one of the hottest among all USA Baseball Bats, delivering extra-base hits with ease and making the ball seem to jump off the bat on impact.

The 2023 Axe Strato is one of the best USA Baseball bats in 2023.

DeMarini CF -10 USA Baseball Bat (WTDXUFX22)

DeMarini CF USA Baseball

 The DeMarini CF is a versatile bat that caters to hitters of all shapes and sizes. Boasting a reactive composite barrel, a well-balanced swing weight, and a reassuring sensation upon impact, the CF enables batters to confidently take on any pitch they face. The anti-vibration technology reduces sting, while the massive sweet spot is among the best in the game. Undoubtedly, the DeMarini CF is among the top youth baseball bats we've seen in 2023.

Keep an eye out for the DeMarini CF USA Baseball Bat in 2023. It's a bat that has gained popularity over the years and will undoubtedly be worth monitoring throughout the upcoming season.

Louisville Slugger Solo -11 USA Baseball Bat (WBL2537010)

Louisville Slugger Solo USA Baseball

Enhance your player's swing and increase bat speed with the Louisville Slugger Solo. This 2023 USA baseball bat boasts a lightweight drop 11 build to offer exceptional barrel control. Young hitters are able to build more confidence as the Solo makes it easy to "see ball - hit ball." The thinner barrel walls of the Solo are specially engineered to unlock more power upon contact without sacrificing durability.

We love the Louisville Slugger Solo USA Baseball bat for any young player still learning the mechanics of their swing.

Notable Mentions: 2023 Easton ADV Hype, 2023 Rawlings Clout, & 2023 DeMarini The Goods.


Best 2023 USSSA Baseball Bats

Marucci CATX USSSA Baseball Bats

Marucci CATX USSSA Baseball

The Marucci CATX USSSA baseball bat continues to be a top-performing option in 2023 for hitters playing youth and travel baseball. The CATX features a one-piece alloy design with a balanced swing weight, making it an ideal choice for hitters looking for a combination of power and control. Its proprietary anti-vibration knob technology also helps reduce the sting on mishits, providing a more comfortable feel at the plate. In addition, the bat is USSSA certified and features a large sweet spot, giving players the confidence to hit everything thrown their way.

Overall, the Marucci CATX is a top USSSA baseball bat in 2023.

2023 Easton Hype Comp USSSA Baseball Bats

In 2023, the Easton Hype Comp is among the most popular choices among USSSA baseball bats. Its innovative design features a two-piece composite construction, using advanced materials to maximize performance and minimize vibration upon contact. The balanced swing weight allows for quick and controlled swings, while the optimized barrel length and sweet spot give players the best chance for success. Overall, the 2023 Easton Hype Comp USSSA baseball bat remains a top contender for those looking for a high-quality and reliable option for 2023.

2023 DeMarini The Goods -10 USSSA Baseball Bat (WBD2354010)

2023 DeMarini The Goods -10 USSSA Baseball Bat

DeMarini has firmly established its position as a top-notch bat manufacturer worldwide. Both parents and coaches, as well as players, are actively shopping for DeMarinis at JustBats. Among their latest offerings, the 2023 DeMarini The Goods stands out as one of the most sought-after USSSA bats in 2023. Its two-piece hybrid design makes it a highly versatile option straight out of the box. The explosion on contact is second-ton-none, and the consistency of The Goods makes a "must swing" USSSA bat in 2023.

We also recommend that power hitters keep an out for 2023 DeMarini USSSA baseball bats.


Best 2023 BBCOR Bats

There is nothing quite like finding the perfect brand-new BBCOR bat. Whether in high school or college, finding a bat that fits your game is the ultimate feeling. As you prepare for the upcoming season, we have taken the time to create a thorough list of the top 2023 BBCOR baseball bats for you to choose from. There will still be other bats available on the market, but these are the most anticipated releases among 2023 BBCOR bats.

For future purposes, be sure to check out our BBCOR bat reviews for the 2023 releases. As more players continue to swing these new baseball bats, we'll have more bat testimonies come through our website. Bat reviews are another excellent resource to use when shopping for your next BBCOR bat.

2023 DeMarini Voodoo ONE Gold BBCOR Baseball Bat (WBD2352010)

2023 DeMarini Voodoo One Gold BBCOR

The Demarini Voodoo One Gold BBCOR baseball bat is an ultra-popular BBCOR bat in 2023. It features a one-piece construction with an X14 alloy barrel, which provides a powerful and responsive swing. Additionally, the bat has a balanced swing weight that allows for quick bat speed and improved control. One of the standout features of this bat is its gold design, which adds a touch of style to its already impressive performance. It also comes with a custom Lizard Skins grip, which provides a comfortable and secure grip for the player.

Overall, the Demarini Voodoo One Gold BBCOR baseball bat is a great choice for players who are looking for a bat with tons of power potential. Its balanced swing weight, X14 alloy barrel, and BBCOR certification make it a top pick for serious players at the high school and college levels.

2023 Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR Baseball Bat (WBL2643010)

2023 Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR

Those seeking a powerful BBCOR bat in 2023 need to look no further than the 2023 Louisville Slugger BBCOR baseball bat. Built with a traditional one-piece alloy design, the Atlas checks all the boxes. It has an unusually expansive sweet spot, a naturally responsive reaction on contact, and a smooth swing weight through the zone. In terms of performance, the Atlas continues to receive rave reviews. Hitters have praised both the feel and pop, enabling higher exit velocities and better results. 

In summation, the Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR baseball bat is an excellent choice for power hitters looking for a high-performance BBCOR bat in 2023.

2023 Marucci CATX BBCOR Baseball Bat (MCBCX)


The Marucci CatX BBCOR baseball bat is a high-quality, durable bat that is designed for serious players who want to perform their best on the field. It features a one-piece AZ105 alloy construction that offers a high level of strength and performance. The barrel of the bat is also optimized for maximum pop and a larger sweet spot, which can help players hit the ball harder and farther.

One of the standout features of the Marucci CatX BBCOR baseball bat is its anti-vibration technology. This helps to reduce the amount of feedback that players feel in their hands after making contact with the ball. This can be particularly important for players who experience discomfort or pain when using other bats. From everything that we have heard, customers have been very impressed with the Marucci CatX BBCOR baseball bat, and we anticipate it will be among the most popular BBCOR bats in 2023.


There you have it! You can shop for all of the best 2023 baseball bats at JustBats, and every order comes with free, fast shipping and returns, along with guidance from our team of Bat Experts. We also offer a full array of personalization options for every bat purchase. Add a touch of your personality with a new Lizards Skins bat grip, or engrave the barrel of your next wood bat purchase. It's why shopping for your baseball bats, softball bats, and youth bats at JustBats make the most sense. Don't forget, we'll be there for you from Click to Hit!

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