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Bat Review: 2018 Marucci F5 Baseball Bat

Bat Review: 2018 Marucci F5 Baseball Bat

In March 2017, Marucci filed for a new trademark: F5.

Was it a computer keyboard key? A Battleship move? An aircraft? Or, could it be, Marucci is taking another step to revolutionize the game?

On August 1, 2017, Marucci officially releases their new baseball bat lineup. The F5 series will include a BBCOR, Senior League, and Junior Big Barrel model. The lineup is complementary to the highly-regarded CAT lineup, which includes the Marucci CAT 7.
Marucci named the CAT series after hurricane categories, due to the sheer strength the AZ4X alloy brought to the bats. Now, Marucci has opted for a series name that also references a disastrous weather phenomenon. The F5, named after the type of tornado that generates wind speeds of 200 mph or greater. And, the F5 bats promise to generate power sans the devastating effects of a tornado.
Marucci Honor The Game.jpg
Here's what the Marucci F5 lineup will entail:
  • Multi-variable wall design - internal variable wall design creating an expanded sweet spot with high durability.
  • Ring-free barrel technology - greater performance with no dead spots.
  • Balanced, one-piece alloy construction - clean, consistent, traditional swing feel with a balanced design.
  • Custom micro-perforated soft-touch grip - better grip and improved feel.
Marucci F5 BBCOR Baseball Bat (MCBF5)
BBCOR certified, 2 5/8" barrel, a drop 3, and will come in four different size options (31/28, 32/29, 33/30, 34/31).
Marruci F5 Senior League Baseball Bats (MSBF5X10, MSBF5Y10)
USSSA 1.15 BPF certified, 2 3/4" barrel and 2 5/8" barrel, both drop 10, and both bats will come in four different size options (28/18, 29/19, 30/20, 31/21).
Marucci will not make USABat baseball bats that follow the USABat Standard.
Marucci F5 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat (MJBBF5)

2 3/4" barrel, a drop 10, and will come in three different sizes (25/15, 26/16, 27/17).

Marucci's co-founder, Kurt Ainsworth, sits down with to discuss baseball, bats, and more.


Other key points about the Marucci F5 baseball bats:
  • The F5 is a one-piece alloy design that has a traditional feel.
  • The F5 has a balanced designed and lower MOI.
  • Both power hitters and contact hitters will enjoy the F5. The stiffer flex of the one-piece alloy design will be beneficial for power hitters, while the balanced design with lower MOI will be a good fit for contact hitters.

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