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Motus Baseball Throwing and Batting Analysis Sensor System

Motus Baseball Throwing and Batting Analysis Sensor System

How do I monitor my pitching workload? Is there a way to measure the stress I'm putting on my UCL? I want to analyze my batting swing. Or, I want throwing analysis. I just want to prevent serious injury and improve my throwing or swing mechanics!!

If you play baseball or softball or someone you love does, then you've probably had some of these thoughts. Baseball is driven my numbers, so why wouldn't you want to track your throwing or batting?

For nearly six years Motus has been developing the sports industry's most comprehensive athletic-movement database and biomechanics physics engine. And, now, one of their newest products is available on JustBats.

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The Motus Baseball Throwing and Batting Analysis Sensor System is a wearable, game-changing technology used by some of the top MLB pitchers and hitters to track their performance for a more advanced workout. This system monitors workload, tracks performance, and determines when a player is ready to return to play.

With Tommy John surgeries happening more frequently on both the professional and recreational circuits, Motus is the first tool aimed specifically at combating UCL tears. That's why 27 MLB organizations use the system.


The Motus Baseball Throwing and batting Analysis Sensor System complete package includes:

  • One (1) motusBaseball sensor
  • One (1) compression sleeve
  • One (1) batting clip accessory
  • One (1) USB charging cable

For players, the Motus does a complete job of tracking your metrics on the mound and at the plate! Coaches can better monitor and improve their player's performance, determine game readiness, and help reduce the risk of injury.

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We understand how hard baseball and softball can be on your body. Even though the Motus may not be right for you, it helps to know what's available to try to alleviate serious injuries and risks. If you have any questions, let the  JustBats Pros at (866) 321-2287 help you out.

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