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5 Baseball Stereotypes | Which One Are You?

Baseball Stereotypes

You spend a lot of time with your teammates throughout the duration of a season. Whether you’re traveling for a tournament, waiting for your next game, or at practice, the bond you create with them is unlike any other in sports. One of the most beautiful parts about the game of baseball is that each player is unique. Each player has their own personality, tendencies, reputation, and most likely fall under one of the many baseball stereotypes. Some players show up with 10 arm bands, some are always 10 minutes late, and some swing 10 baseball bats in the on-deck circle. The Bat Experts at JustBats are here to break down each stereotype so you can decide which ones fit your teammates. Let’s dive in!

Bat Coach

Baseball Stereotypes

1. The Scrappy Guy: 

Absolutely no talent at all. But, the Scrappy guy always seems to make a big play when you least expect it. He’s usually short, skinny, and works harder than anyone else on the team to keep his spot. He doesn't leave the ballpark until his baseball pants and jersey are coated in dirt, a perfect treat for Mom and Dad. This guy usually plays second base or the right field position and is doing a lot of this: 

Scrappy Baseball Player

2. The Handshake Guy:

Again, typically someone who’s not seeing much playing time on the field, but, loves his teammates and loves to have fun. He’s the guy staying up late at night watching handshake videos on YouTube and then comes to practice the next day claiming "I just made it up!" You need a guy like this on your team. He's the glue that keeps it all together.

Baseball Handshakes

3. The Superstitious Guy:

This guy is tough to deal with in the dugout. He’s always organizing bats in a certain way, making sure people are sitting in certain spots on the bench, and taking a two-minute pre-swing routine. EVERY TIME. At the end of the day, you have to respect the Superstitious Guy because of the winning streak you’re riding out. Some call it superstition, others call it a tradition.


4. Mr. Excuses:

“Took a bad hop” is usually the first thing out of this guy's mouth after an error. This is the teammate who looks at his glove after dropping a popup, the one who blames the sun for missing a ground ball, or the umpire after striking out looking. There’s always something with this guy. ERRORS1-jumbo

5. The 'You're Due Kid':

This one is tough to swallow. The last thing you want your teammates screaming at you is the fact that you are indeed, ‘due’. Great, now everyone in the crowd knows I haven’t gotten a hit since May. Thanks, guys.


There is nothing wrong when it comes to having a baseball stereotype. In the end, it's probably better to be known for something than nothing at all. It’s what makes this game so great to play. Do you have a teammate with a stereotype we didn’t cover? Follow JustBats on social media and let us know! Don't forget, if you have any specific baseball bat questions, our Bat Experts are available via telephone at 866-321-2287, email at, or you can click here to live chat. We're JustBats and we'll be here for you from click to hit!

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