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Amplify Your Power with Easton's TORQ Technology

Amplify Your Power with Easton's TORQ Technology

Easton bats have always maintained one of the top spots in the baseball and softball bat industry through their commitment superb construction, advanced technology, and elite performance. But what’s the difference between a standard Easton bat and a TORQ model? 

Great question, and we're here to help answer it.

The innovative 360 Degree Rotating TORQ Handle helps improve on three key abilities that are essential to any swing:

Own The Inner Half

The TORQ Handle frees up your hands, allowing hitters to barrel-up the inside pitch and reach full extension through contact.

Stay Inside The Ball

By getting your hands inside the ball, the TORQ promotes the best swing mechanics for more consistent, powerful contact.

Power To All Fields

TORQ Technology helps you keep the barrel on-plane longer through the hitting zone, so you can drive the ball with more backspin (to all parts of the yard).

For 2016, the TORQ Technology is now available on a variety of designs that include both the baseball and fastpitch product lines - which you can find in the links below.

2016 Easton TORQ Baseball Bats

2016 Easton TORQ Fastpitch Softball Bats

Whether or not one of these models is right for you depends on if you want the additional advantages that only the TORQ Handle can provide. For those that opt for a traditional handle, Easton has still released each one of these bats without the TORQ Technology for their 2016 product line.

If you have any questions about the
Easton TORQ baseball and fastpitch bats, give the pros at JustBats a call and we’ll be happy to help any way we can!

Happy Holidays!

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